Orphanage Poster, Trailer Found

Creepy new poster for The Orphanage!Though I’m sure we’ve discussed the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror film The Orphanage (aka El Orfanato) in the past, I’ll be damned if I can find the old stories. Sure would be nice if we had a search again, eh?

That is neither here nor there; what is, is the fact that this super-creepy new poster for the film was discovered by the folks at 24 Frames Per Second, who have one more you can check out that’s not nearly as eerie as this one. Though that image is remarkably similar to the one of the main spooks in Michael Dougherty’s upcoming Trick ‘r Treat, it does have the benefit of being Spanish so at least it won’t be direct competition.

You can check out the Orphanage trailer right now as well if that poster piques your interest. The Orphanage, produced by del Toro and directed by Juan Antonio Bayona in his feature debut, is about a woman who decides to take it upon herself to buy the disused orphanage in which she grew up in hopes of restoring it. Soon her young son makes a very spooky imaginary friend, and things start getting very weird indeed.

Picturehouse, the same folks behind the Pan’s Labyrinth U.S. release, recently scooped up the release rights for The Orphanage at the EFM, so expect to hear more about its U.S. debut any day now!

Johnny Butane

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