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tfhsmall - Experience Trailers... From Hell!For you, what would you say the best part about going to see a movie is? The sound system? The massive screen? The comfortable seating? The teenagers making out next to you (my personal fave)? For many it’s the trailers, and no time in history featured more good trailers for bad movies than the Golden Age of cinema.

These trailers featured the promise of excitement and danger at levels the films they were cut for could never come close to, but audiences ate it up. Now a new series available both online and on mobile devices looks to celebrate these icons of hyperbole with a very interesting twist.

The series is called “Trailers From Hell” and can currently be seen at Meta Café.com or via the Fun Little Movies channel for Sprint mobile users. Along with trailers for classics like Attack of the 50-Foot Woman and The Terror, there’s also commentary done by some of our genre’s most respected directors.

The first five episodes are available now and feature commentary by Gremlins and The Howling director (and recent edition to Fear Fest!) Joe Dante. Future installments will feature Mick Garris, Mary Lambert and John Landis talking about their favorite trailers and likely providing weird factoids for the movies they’re hyping.

Sounds like a very fun project, don’t ya think? Sure ya do, so you should check out the official Trailers From Hell website for more info!

Johnny Butane

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