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Luchagore Wishes You a Very Bloody Christmas



Krampus (review) may well be terrorizing the neighborhood right now with Universal’s latest release having taken the box office by storm, but there’s someone else you should probably be a lot more concerned about!

Luchagore Productions has decided to really get into the spirit of good fear this season with A Luchagore Christmas, a short film which suggests Santa Claus is starting to get inventive after way too many years giving nothing but miserable lumps of coal to misbehaving kids around the world.

Directed and edited by the ever assiduous Gigi Saul Guerrero, in collaboration with her long-time cohorts, scribe Shane McKenzie and cinematographer Luke Bramley, prepare yourself for all manner of Yuletide treats: succulent candy canes, sumptuous Christmas cookies, a nice big glass of milk to wash them all down, and an unforgettable master class in needlework…

We’ll leave you with a little ditty from the Luchagore team, and you can enjoy the short after the jump:

‘Twas just weeks before Christmas, and for the fans who like fright,

Luchagore Productions has created something for your delight.

Most know Saint Nick as a jolly old man,

But we tell a tale of his sadistic master plan.

So gather ‘round, boys and girls, and watch if you dare,

‘Cause Santa’s intentions are sure to be a scare!





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