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Cassidy Way Finds a Way to Frack You



Cassidy Way 2 1 1 - Cassidy Way Finds a Way to Frack You

Releasing next year, Cassidy Way (Facebook) claims to be based on true events, which these days is usually just another way of saying that your film should be considered more important that others. But while it certainly won’t be self-righteous award season Oscar bait, it sure does look like a great killer flick.

Director Harvey Lowry is primarily known as a makeup artist, having worked on such films as Watchmen, X-Men 3, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. According to IMDb, he has no fewer than 11 upcoming directing projects, so expect to be hearing a lot more about him in the future.

Cassidy Way is a gut-wrenching thriller about a college senior, Gina Alexander, and her two friends, Collin and Mitch, who set out to make her thesis documentary film. When the footage is missing a few days before the project is due, they improvise an expedition into an abandoned fracking facility in Kern County. Mitch comes across some highly classified documents, but the doors suddenly lock and the room is filled with lethal gas. Narrowly escaping, the students are found by Jamison Connors, who invite them back to their house where they meet their sister and mother. When Donald, the father, comes home, he insists they stay over for dinner before he takes them to their car. Donald accidentally finds the classified documents Mitch took from the bunker that contains an old newspaper clipping of his older son’s tragic death. This leads Donald to believe the three of them are involved in a conspiracy plot against him and his family, which sends him into a psychopathic killing spree.


Cassidy Way 2 1 1 - Cassidy Way Finds a Way to Frack You




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