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Teaser for Extinction



Resident Evil: Extinction teaser onlineOh yeah, the trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction is now online. I’m so very excited.

The third (and hopefully last) film in the series follows Alice (Mila Jovovich again) and a band of survivors out of Raccoon City and into the ruins of Las Vegas, attempting to both survive and stop the virus that is making the dead come back to life. Of course, Alice is some kind of superhuman weapon that Umbrella accidentally let get away, so she’s preparing to kick all sorts of ass.

Russell Mulcahey (Razorback) directed, though these films have all been so dull and interchangeable I seriously doubt we’ll notice if it were Mulcahey or Bongo the Wonder Chimp behind the camera. Check out the teaser for RE: Extinction and try to avoid getting any of my cynicism on you.

Johnny Butane

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