First Believers Pic, Release Date

Believers pic (click to see it bigger)Looking around online for a while, I came to realize that there’s just not a lot of info out there for Blair Witch Project co-director Dan Myrick’s The Believers, his entry into the Warner Bros. Raw Feed line of direct-to-DVD horror.

Of course this could be on the part of the studio, trying to keep things secretive, but if you look hard enough, there is some info to be had, mainly through the film’s recently launched MySpace page. That’s where we got this picture of some truly creepy cult kids as well as gleaned the info that the tentative release date for the DVD is June 19th, 2007. So what the hell is it about?

When paramedics answer an emergency call and find an unconscious woman and her terrified daughter at a lonely gas station, they’re not exactly inclined to believe the duo’s tale of being on the run from a doomsday cult called The Quanta Group. When a group of tattooed men show up and whisk the two of them away in a mysterious van, however, they begin to think there might be something to their story. The truth will haunt them for the rest of their days…

Check out the Believers MySpace page for more, and keep your eyes open for an official site for the film as well as more info on Myrick’s previous film, Solstice, which has been quiet for far too long.

Johnny Butane

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