Grindhouse Split Outside the U.S.

We might be taking this whole Grindhouse campaign for granted here in the States; after all this was the home to double feature theaters showcasing all sorts of great exploitation films of the 70’s. But those outside of the U.S. have no idea what those places were like, so they’re likely not to get the marketing ploy of having the films play back to back.

So some foreign markets (mostly non-English speaking ones) will be seeing the films one at a time, likely 3 to 5 months apart from one another, according to a new story in Variety. The films will be shown as Grindhouse: Planet Terror and Grindhouse: Death Proof, which will likely confuse people even more. Why keep the Grindhouse moniker if they’re losing the concept?

The nice thing for those foreign markets is that they’ll probably get additional footage in their prints that won’t be seen in ours, at least not until the big 3-disc DVD set that is likely planned. For the Weinsteins it works out pretty well, too, since they’ll be able to rake in cash from two films, released months apart, instead of just one.

So I guess it’ll be a mixed blessing for other markets; I just wonder what they’re going to do with all the faux trailers that were meant to take up the space in between films?

Johnny Butane

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