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Demons Don’t Knock in this Trailer



Demons Dont Knock

Hear something going bump in the night?!? Don’t worry. It’s probably just a pesky ghost or something. I mean, after all, Demons Don’t Knock. Or do they? Dig on this trailer to find out!

Leah Perriam, Chloe Jones, Daniel Perriam, Lynda Milligan, Richard Ashmore, Brieanna Lumsden, and Lorna Kotlowski star. Daniel Perriam directs with contributing director Leah Perriam.

Demons Don’t Knock is a sophisticated, mind-bending psychological thriller/horror feature film shot in the beautiful and picturesque South Island of New Zealand in stunning 4K. One of the locations used is arguably one of the most haunted places in New Zealand: a hospital that housed soldiers from WWI suffering from shell shock.

After a car crash in which her friend was killed, Natasha struggles with a rare seizure disorder and at times finds it difficult to distinguish the real from the unreal. She seeks help from a neurologist who turns out to be more than he first appears.

For more information, including pictures, visit the Demons Don’t Knock website.

demons dont knock 1 - Demons Don't Knock in this Trailer

demons dont knock - Demons Don't Knock in this Trailer





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