Full Mezco Toy Fair Update!

Mezco's Cinema of Fear: Choptop!(click to see it bigger)The three figs together (Leatherface, Jason and Freddy) we mentioned here are plush dolls designed by Pinkerton (he did Cadaver the Clown if you remember). They have plastic heads, hands and feet with soft plush bodies. More pics are on Action-Figure.com!

The Cinema of Fear Series 1 includes Chop Top with alternate head and Numins, Freddy from Dream Warriors with his skeleton from the junkyard scene, Leatherface and Jason. The Freddy skeleton and numins will be non articulated pack ins… a little something extra! The figures themselves boast around 10 points of articulation, something no licensed horror line has done before. You’ll also see the cut out shapes of Series 2 so have fun guessing those! Only hint I picked up is in the last picture … it’s not a building. See if you can figure it out on Action-Figure.com!

Mez loves the stylized figures so count Jason among the new lot. His mask is removable, comes with weapons and a head and the clothes are real.

Living Dead Dolls also get a new buddy! As the Jason LDD was insanely popular, Leatherface will be the follow-up. Details on how it will be distributed coming soon.

Mezco's Screen Grabs(click to see it bigger)Screen Grabs is a diorama series from Mez featuring a slightly cartoonish take on classic scenes from our favorite movies. Series 1 includes Elm Street 3, Friday the 13th & Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Attack of the Living Dead gets a second series of decaying zombie bastards this year to add to your growing horde. Three figures in the new series with the 4th figure as a build a figure … parts being included in with the other three figures are combined to make the 4th. More pics are on, of course, Action-Figure.com!

Living Dead Dolls get into some bad, bad luck (Social D rules!) this year as they hit Series 13! The theme is bad luck, and each doll will come with a piece of a charm that when combined will help fix your ju-ju.

Mezco's King Kong!(click to see it bigger)The Hellboy comic line is slowing down a bit this year with not many characters left to create, which leaves Abe Sapien as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.

Finally, King Kong gets a bump in scale. The previously released 12-inch rotocast figures will now come out as 18-inch rotocast figures. Doesn’t seem like much but the scale change looks fantastic.

So now you’re saying…how does Mezco have all those New Line licenses when NECA has been doing these characters? Changing of the guard time it seems. NECA still has Grindhouse, Nightmare Before Christmas and a few tricks there and there that will make horror fans take notice (check out our last story on NECA here), but the amount of pure horror releases from them will be reduced considerably in 07. More on that soon!

For the entire gallery of Mezco Toyz pics, head on over to Action-Figure.com!

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