Hercules vs. The Mud Monsters

In the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel original Something Beneath, a mud monster rises from the depths of a Shining-type hotel, terrorizing the guests with their own paranoia and revisiting the past and future in nightmarish apparitions. Father Douglas Middleton, an Episcopalian priest, is summoned to put an end to the evil mud monster’s reign of terror. And who will be playing this man of God called in to battle evil’s muddy incarnate?

Kevin Sorbo.

Kevin Sorbo is not the sort of guy I would envision in the role of a priest, not even one destined to battle a demonic entity composed of sewer muck. The casting of the former TV “Hercules” and big screen Kull the Conqueror may also have to do with Something Beneath being directed by David Winning, who directed Sorbo after having worked together on Gene Roddenberry’s “Andromeda”.

Since Something Beneath only just filmed this past November, I wouldn’t expect to see it premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel until much later this year. The film was a co-production between Sci-Fi and RHI Films, just one of a slew of films being produced by the two as part of a recent production deal. In addition to Father Hercules vs. the Mud Monster, the collaboration will also be giving us James Van Der Beek vs. a giant squid in Eye of the Beast as well as other creature features with titles like Maneater and Hybrid starring the likes of Gary Busey and Justine Bateman.

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