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When Your Flesh Screams Hits Limited Edition Blu-ray, Steelbook, and VHS



The folks at Legless Corpse Films really want you to pick up a copy of Guillermo Martínez’s When Your Flesh Screams, an homage to such shocking genre classics as Last House on the Left and I Spit on Your Grave. If you consider those flicks staples of horror cinema, then you might want to start emptying your piggy bank right about now. Hopefully, Halloween hasn’t completely tapped out your funds already. After all, October is still very young, and there are still lots of movies to buy.

Instead of dropping their movie on ho-hum formats and moving on with their lives, the filmmakers behind When Your Flesh Screams are offering up some pretty nifty options. For instance, you can snag a copy of the flick on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD, as well as a limited-edition VHS. And if you’d like the movie to come packaged inside a Steelbook, then that option is available as well.

Here’s the problem: A lot of these options are only available in very limited quantities. The company has 100 Blu-rays, 20 Steelbooks, and only 10 VHS copies on-hand, which means you need to act fast if you want to bring one or all of those items home. No time for second guesses.

If you’re seriously considering picking up When Your Flesh Screams, then swing by the Legless Corpse Films website. They’ll be more than happy to sell you something awesome.

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