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The Long Walk in the hands of DarabontI just don’t know how I feel right now. Part of me is reeling with the possibilities of what Frank Darabont could do with an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. The rest of me, the part who literally grew up reading the books, is screaming that it should never, ever happen.

But I digress; the point of this story is to direct you to a very long, very badass interview with Darabont recently conducted by the main man over at Lilja’s Library in which he discusses his career being the only man who can seem to bring King’s work to the big screen successfully staring with his first King film, the Dollar Baby The Woman in the Room.

Of course he talks about The Mist, which he describes as “a nasty little gut-punch horror flick” (swoon), as well as the fact the he now has the rights to the Bachman Book The Long Walk (oh HELL yes) and, back to the first paragraph of this article, the chance that he could work on a Dark Tower movie someday. Thank God the man is realistic about it, though:

“I told [King that] the thought of adapting that saga makes me break out in a cold sweat, curl into a ball, and weep,” Darabont told the site. “It’s just so metaphysical and trippy, so much of it almost impossible stuff to visualize on screen. Not to mention it’s just staggeringly huge and massive! I don’t think I’d even know where to begin! Hey, you thought The Green Mile was long? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! I’m afraid The Dark Tower might make the expanded Lord of the Rings trilogy look like a short subject. As long-winded as I am, I’m probably better off sticking to Stephen King’s short stories and novellas.”

Spanning seven massive novels and taking place in multiple worlds, he’s damn right it’s too big to be realized with nothing short of a budget double the size of Lord of the Rings. And believe me, the ending would not leave anyone feeling too good.

It’s really a great interview all around, so be sure to click here to read the whole thing. The Mist rolls later this month, so look for more from it very soon!

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