Zombie Fiction Spotlight Day 2: Shawn Scott’s Apocalypse Swordsman Births a Hunter

This week’s zombie fiction spotlight series continues with a look at soldier-turned-author Shawn M. Scott’s Apocalypse Swordsman: A Hunter Is Born (Volume 1 of a proposed trilogy).

Scott used his Army experience in war zones to make the action real in Apocalypse Swordsman. He’s a three-time Iraq veteran from the 82nd Airborne Division who trained in schools that teach survival, dismounted patrolling tactics, and light infantry and reconnaissance techniques. He went on to train others as a drill sergeant focused on basic combat skills.

His self-published zombie horror survival story tells the tale of Hunter, a soldier stationed at Ft. Bragg who wakes up in the middle of a zombie outbreak. He realizes what is happening and knows he must travel north into one of the nation’s most populated areas (Washington, DC) to find his wife and son.

Shawn told us, “What separates my version of the timeless classic that is the ‘zombie apocalypse’ is a mysterious race of underground creatures, who started the chaos for a reason not yet known to humans. This book is just the first in a series I plan to write.”

Learn more about Apocalypse Swordsman below, and look for the final entry in our spotlight series on Friday.

Hunter already has enough horrors in his head after suffering years of combat in the Airborne Infantry. But nothing he’s seen can prepare him for what he’s about to encounter…

A soldier with more than ten years of experience, Hunter will put his training to the test when he confronts the undead. After seeing a gruesome zombie attack on TV, he quickly discovers that the danger lurks right outside his front door. He must swing into action in a hurry if he doesn’t want to be dinner.

That isn’t all. His wife and son are trapped in Washington, DC, and their survival depends on his ability to defeat the enemy and reach the nation’s capital. Time is of the essence as a mysterious group of subterranean creatures unleashes the virus in order to take over the surface.

But it will take more than swinging a combat knife and a sword to win this battle. Are his skills up to the test?

Find out in Swordsman Apocalypse, a military science fiction novel by author Shawn M. Scott, who applies his own combat experience to a simple question: How would a real soldier stack up against a plague of zombies?


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