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Two New Quad Posters for Howl



Ahead of its theatrical UK release on October 16th, followed by its home video release on October 26th, we bring you two more posters for the werewolf flick Howl. They do a pretty awesome job of conveying the whole ‘werewolf on train” thing, don’t you think?

Directed by Peter Hyett, who bought us the horror flick The Seasoning House, Howl stars Ed Speelers (remember Eragon?), Sean Pertwee, and Holly Weston. It will make its US debut at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Miami in October.

A late-night train journey out of London turns into a hellish nightmare when the young guard and his band of commuters are forced into a fight for survival against a pack of malevolent and terrifying creatures.

Joe, a young mild-mannered train guard, is bullied by his overbearing boss into working one more shift on the last train leaving London. It’s a dark and stormy night, and the passengers are a meager bunch. His only consolation is that he’ll be riding alongside beautiful trolley girl Ellen.

After traveling a while, the train brakes violently and comes to a sudden halt deep in the middle of a forest. They seem to have hit something on the line, but when the driver ventures out to investigate, he never returns. The passengers start to panic, and domineering Adrian quickly takes charge and convinces everyone to leave the broken-down train and walk the remaining few miles to the next station.

They begin to walk up the track when to Joe’s horror he stumbles upon the driver’s mutilated body. Realizing that there’s something dangerous lurking in the forest, he screams at everyone to run back to the carriage, but soon the deadly creature is stalking the besieged train and smashing through their defenses, picking the passengers off one-by-one.

Joe rejects Adrian’s selfish “survival of the fittest’” plan and rallies his “pack” of passengers to fight back. During a vicious battle they manage to kill the creature, which is revealed as a hideous mutated fusion of human and wild animal – a werewolf. However, celebrations are cut short when they hear more howls coming from the forest…

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