Watch a Creepy as Hell Video About the Abandoned Town that Inspired the Siren Games

Anyone who played Sony’s Siren on PS2 can tell you that it is, without a doubt, one of the creepiest games out there. But what’s even more creepy is that the game was actually inspired by a real abandoned town in Japan.

The town in the game was called Hanuda and is based on Chichibu in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan, which is actually one of many abandoned places in the country.

Like in the game, a camera crew went to examine it, and the results speak for themselves. Reality really can be more scary than fiction sometimes.

The Siren series has been pretty much MIA since the release of Blood Curse in 2008, but hopefully Sony will breathe new life into the series at some point, especially if they need something exclusive to rival the Fatal Frame series, which now belongs to Nintendo.



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