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Horror’s Top 7 Jungle Flesh-Eaters



The Green Inferno

It’s true, it’s true…The Green Inferno is finally arriving. After a long, long wait, Eli Roth’s latest directorial effort is here; and to celebrate, we’ve come up with a Top List we knew you’d love… Horror’s Top 7 Jungle Flesh-Eaters.

We expect to see plenty of jungle flesh-eaters in The Green Inferno and have our Top 7 below. But first we have to comment on a couple of our other favorite cannibals. Of course the tribe in The Hills Have Eyes were an incredibly disturbing group, as were the cave-dwelling beasts in The Descent. And we’ve got to give big love to our crazy cannibals in Cannibal: The Musical and especially the beloved cult classic Ravenous. The list below includes cannibals as well as many non-human flesh-eaters found in the jungle.

And now, Horror’s Top 7 Jungle Flesh-Eaters!

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The Island of Doctor Moreau (1977, 1996)
Whether you prefer the 1977 version of the movie with Burt Lancaster (“Back to the House of Pain!“) or the more modern retelling of the story which features Marlon Brando, his very odd looking mini-me and a half-animal baddie that looks strikingly like James Hetfield of Metallica right around the …And Justice For All days, one cannot argue that The Island of Dr. Moreau certainly contains some jungle-dwelling creatures who will not hesitate to make you their dinner. Part man, part beast thanks to some slick vivisection work by the mad doctor, the residents of The Island of Doctor Moreau are a nasty lot. The imagery of the story is cool with some interesting underlying references to religion and blind faith. Certainly one to remember, The Island of Dr. Moreau chews on you.

Rogue (2007)
A somewhat unheralded movie that didn’t get much buzz upon its release, Rogue turned out to be quite the surprise when audiences finally found it. Released in Australia in 2007, the film was moderately successful but generally overlooked by U.S. audiences in the few theaters that screened it. Writer/director Greg McLean (whose previous film before Rouge was the unforgettable slasher Wolf Creek) created a true nightmare in the jungle with this killer croc movie. And, believe it or not, much like he did with Wolf Creek, McLean based Rogue on a true story. This movie loosely tells the tale of Sweetheart, a 15-foot long saltwater croc that attacked boats between the years of 1974 and 1979 before finally being captured alive. That’s right… 15-foot croc, captured alive. Impressive. The croc in Rogue is, of course, even larger and more menacing than that. Chomp!

Cannibal Ferox (1981)
Of course if we’re talking about jungle flesh-eaters in reference to The Green Inferno, we’re going to have to dig into some cannibal movies, and Cannibal Ferox is one of horror fans’ all-time favorites! As with most films in this sub-genre, Cannibal Ferox is insanely gory and gruesome with some stunning jungle action. Carrying the fitting alternate title Make Them Die Slowly in the U.S., this movie certainly lives up to this handle. Writer/director Umberto Lenzi delivered another memorable cannibal film just before Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive!, making Lenzi one of the more notable cannibal movie creators.

Piranha (1978)
The thing that eats you in the wild does not necessarily have to be a huge, hulking monster or vicious cannibal. Sometimes it can be much smaller than you, but when there are hundreds or thousands of the little bastards, they become very difficult to get along with. After the success of Jaws in 1975, Piranha spawned three years later, partially inspired by/partially in parody of the legendary shark picture. Now, how about a tie-in with Piranha and an all-time favorite film based on cannibals… both Piranha and The Hills Have Eyes (which, of course, has heavy cannibalistic subject matter) were both remade in the 2000’s. And what do the two remakes have in common? They were both directed by slick filmmaker Alexandre Aja! Piranha had a nice showing at the box office and hung on as a cult classic, still enjoyed today. And all because of those little, biting teeth!

Anaconda (2001)
What a cast! Anaconda has one of the most impressive, star-studded casts ever assembled for a horror film. Of course, many of the cast members were yet to break big, but the stars lined up and Anaconda ended up featuring a slew of talent that would go on to be huge celebs. Of course Jon Voigt stars as Paul Serone, a salty boat captain with an accent that is completely unidentifiable. Along with Voigt on the ride are, get this, Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Ice Cube. WTF!? If those three Hollywood heavyweights aren’t enough, the film also features Eric Stoltz and the incomparable Danny Trejo. Holy shit, what a lineup! And although it didn’t initially get a warm reception from critics, Anaconda had a great showing at the box office and has stood the test of time, still being a fan favorite to this day. The clip below shows the anaconda at its baddest!

The Ruins (2009)
Here we have another very unique jungle carnivore. The Ruins did not feature large animals with huge, intimidating teeth or unspeakable monsters prowling through the greenery. In The Ruins the greenery was the intimidating monster. When a group of unsuspecting young people (Ah, the poor unsuspecting young people. How they’ve been subjected to one horror after another. Here’s some advice for young people: Be suspicious!!!) become trapped in an unthinkable nightmare, the jungle begins to close in on them, and the terrors are unique and creative. Written by Scott Smith, who had previously penned the amazing novel (turned movie) A Simple Plan, The Ruins was a complete departure from Smith’s original work but was also a very effective thriller. When you’re in the jungle, not even the plants are safe!

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
Holy crap! Cannibal Holocaust is, without a doubt, one of the most off-putting films ever. Honestly, upon first watching Cannibal Holocaust, we couldn’t eat meat for about three days. Ruggero Deodato created an insane vision with this movie, and he certainly paid the price for it. After the premiere, Deodato was arrested on obscenity charges and then again on the accusation that he created a snuff film. Those are some pretty weighty claims, but he managed to avoid serious incarceration. Most horror fans are quite familiar with this work as it has been banned in several countries, thus making it a magnet for those seeking extreme movies. And its reputation precedes it. As movies about being eaten alive in the jungle go, this one is head and shoulders above anything else. Cannibal Holocaust will adjust your diet, at least for a day or two.

This list has been brought to you by The Green Inferno.

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