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Images, Art for The Gathering



The Gathering on DVD (click to see it full size!)What is it with Christina Ricci starring in horror films that take forever to get released? Remember Cursed, the aptly-titled Wes Craven werewolf film? It took so long for that to come out I almost forgot it was waiting in the wings. Now you can add The Gathering, a movie with a production date of 2002 that is finally hitting DVD January 30th.

Genius Products and The Weinstein Group are behind its release, the DVD art for which you can see on your right. The story follows a backpacker (Ricci) who gets into a random car accident and has to recover in a small town. She’s befriended by a man researching embedded images of Christ in a buried church from the First Century. When she starts having terrifying visions of the townspeople’s deaths, she has to decide if they’re glimpses into the future or the gasps of spirits from the long-dead church looking to be reborn.

Freaky shit, we can hope, though its release delay does not bode well. Below are two images from the film which don’t really show much, but since Ricci is so easy on the eyes, I doubt you’re going to complain. Right? Right.

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The Gathering (click to see it bigger!) The Gathering (click to see it bigger!)

Johnny Butane

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