A New Ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters (click for larger image)Well not really. Let’s face it, the crew has seen better days. Still, the whole gang will be making another appearance in a video game of all things!

Team XBOX reported today after some leaked prototype footage of a supposed Ghostbusters game found its way onto YouTube over the weekend (big shock, eh? Fucking everything is on there! Why just the other day I was watching some video of this voluptuous dwarf and her flock of geese who … ummm … never mind) that a game based on the exploits of everyone’s favorite paranormal investigators is in the works for the 360.

The only hitch? Due to some licensing issues development is now on hold. Keep your fingers crossed (not the streams) until more news breaks. In the interim think happy thoughts not involving a huge menacing marshmallow man.

Uncle Creepy

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Jon Condit