Smith on Zombies

Seemingly every day I’m out there in the wilds of the Net searching for more info about Kevin Smith’s upcoming as-yet untitled horror movie. Little did I know an update would come from our friends in online horror, Arrow in the Head. Lucky monkeys.

AITH reporter Jimmy O got a chance to sit with Smith recently to discuss his role in the new Jennifer Garner movie, Catch and Release, and of course the subject of Smith’s horror came up. Kevin revealed that he’s still not written anything yet, which is a tad disappointing, but that the entire idea is floating around in his head. He also re-confirmed that the story will be in the same vein as Race With the Devil and brought up a question regarding zombie movies that I’ve been wondering myself as of late.

“Is that what a horror movie is to people? Like, just zombies? It’s such a wide genre, its wide open … In a world where 28 Days later is a horror movie and The Shining is a horror movie. Those are two very disparate films … It’s a wide-open genre and very tough to pin down. It’s so odd to me that people immediately assume that you are talking a zombie or a monster.”

Amen, brother. Lately it seems like more and more indie filmmakers, especially, are gravitating toward the undead for their horror outputs instead of trying to do something that is *gasp!* somewhat original. Good to see Kevin Smith and I think along the same lines…

Stay tuned for more info on Kevin Smith’s horror movie, and be sure to look for his cameo in the upcoming ridiculously titled sequel Live Free or Die Hard!

Johnny Butane

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