Action Packed Legend Pic

I Am Legend pic (click to see it bigger!No vampires, no desolation, just Will Smith and a dog; that’s all we get from Warner Bros. for the first pic from I Am Legend. Damn it’d be nice if more studios worked like Fox Atomic, showing off monsters or something from an action sequence so we can actually get a feel for the movie. But hey, Will Smith with a dog can be terrifying, right?

Directed by Constantine helmer Francis Lawrence, this third attempt to bring Richard Matheson’s classic novel to the big screen, following Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man, has Smith in the boots of brilliant scientist Robert Neville, the seemingly lone survivor of a plague that has turned the denizens of the world into monstrous beings who eat anything they come across and can only exist in the dark. Being immune to the virus, Neville searches for a cure using his own blood.

I Am Legend will make its way to theaters December 17th, 2007, which means we’re going to be seeing a lot more pictures of inaction for the next 11 months. Can’t wait for it!

Johnny Butane

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