Fireball to Burn Up Syfy’s Airwaves

Fireball to Burn Up SyFy's AirwavesThey say when you play with fire you’re bound to get burned. That’s how I feel a lot of the time when I tune in to watch a new Sci-Fi Channel original movie. Their new pyrokinetic thriller Fireball might be the next one to leave me feeling like I’ve been burnt.

When former hot-tempered football star turned convict Tyler Draven discovers in prison that he has somehow developed the ability to create fire with his bare hands, he does what any criminal would do in that situation – burn his way out of jail and set off on a fiery path of revenge against everyone who ever burned him. The authorities, such as Jason X‘s Lexa Doig, have to find a way to put this fire out before even more innocent people go up in flames.

This RHI production from the writer of 2005’s Intermedio is slated to premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel on Saturday, May 3rd. But if your local cable company gets RHI’s Video on Demand service, you’ll find Fireball is already available to you right now. Do any of you actually get RHI’s Video on Demand service in your area because I’ve yet to come across anyone who does?

You can get a taste of the one-man, bald-headed, walking Burning Man Festival that is Fireball by giving a look to the brief clip from the film RHI has available on the Official RHI website. There you’ll also find talky clips from two other RHI-produced monster movies, Hellhounds and Rise of the Gargoyles, also bound for the channel soon to be known as (INSERT LATEST DINNER FOR FIENDS RANT HERE) Syfy.

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