*UPDATED* Sublime Date Set

Sublime DVD cover**UPDATE: Fangoria got the first look at the cover!**

Though a lot of people who saw it may have had issues with Rest Stop, the first of Warner Bros. direct-to-DVD releases under the Raw Feed banner, the next entry in the series sounds like it has more potential to be genuinely scary.

It’s called Sublime (which I’d just like to say is a terrible title) and is due to hit DVD on March 13th according to Yahoo! Movies. Playing on the inherit fears we all have of hospitals, the film tells of the bad, bad things that happen to George Greaves (Tom Cavanagh, pictured), who realizes shortly after admission that his HMO is not accepted by the medical facility! My God the horrors!

Actually it’s about a man who realizes that the ward he’s been admitted to is not where patients come to get better … it’s where they come to die (cue ominous music). I can see how that would slow down the healing process a bit, sure.

Tony Krantz, producer on “24” among many other projects, makes his directorial debut with the film, which had hopefully deliver on more scares than Rest Stop did. Daniel Myrick, half of the directorial team behind The Blair Witch Project, is at the helm of he third movie in the series, The Believers, which is still without a release date.

Stay tuned for more on these titles very soon!

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