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Early Rock and Shock Guests Include a Legend, Three Leatherfaces, and Members of the Freak Show



One of the most beloved East Coast horror cons is, without a doubt, Worcester, MA’s, Rock and Shock. Scheduled for October 16-18, Rock and Shock 2015 promises to be the intimate horror/metal experience that fans have come to love. And the initial guest announcements are fantastic!

Highlighting the first revealed guests are a filmmaking legend, three Leatherfaces, and several “Freak Show” members. To be more specific, the legend is none other than the creator of the modern day zombie himself, the man who can tack of the Dead to anything and make it amazing, George A. Romero. One of the most influential names in horror, Romero is an absolute gift to Rock and Shock attendees.

In addition to Romero, Rock and Shock has also announced a gaggle of Leatherfaces who will be in attendance. Amongst them was the initial Rock and Shock 2015 guest announced, the incomparable Gunnar Hansen, the original Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Other actors who played Leatherface who will also be in attendace include Bill Johnson (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) and Dan Yeager (Texas Chainsaw 3D). This is a great opportunity to meet all your favorite sawmen; whether you’re a fan of the classic or the later adaptations, Rock and Shock will be able to cover all your Leatherface needs.

The “Freak Show” members mentioned above are, of course, from “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” Naomi Grossman (Pepper, who also appeared in “AHS: Asylum”), Erika Ervin (Amazon Eve), and Rose Siggins (Legless Suzi) will all be in attendance. This trio is a truly unique addition to the Rock and Shock 2015 lineup.

Also amongst the early announced guests are Hellraiser icon Doug Bradley, Rachel True from The Craft, and hell, even wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka will be there to meet you this year. In the interest of keeping the peace, we will assume that “Rowdy” Roddy Piper will not be in attendance due to previous conflicts between himself and Mr. Snuka involving an unfortunate coconut smashing incident. But hey, you never know with Rock and Shock!

Ticket info is coming soon, and in the meantime be sure to visit the official Rock and Shock website, “like” Rock and Shock on Facebook, and follow Rock and Shock on Twitter (@rockandshockusa).

Official Rock and Shock George A. Romero Announcement
Rock and Shock is pleased to announce that after five years, the prolific and incredible godfather of modern horror, George A. Romero, will be returning to the Northeast’s largest horror and music convention on October 16-18, 2015, in Worcester, MA.

For 40 some odd years, George Romero has put his mark on the scene. From 1968’s Night of the Living Dead right up through his ongoing Marvel Comic series Empire of the Dead (which he is currently looking to write, direct, and produce as a feature film), George has worked endlessly to bring us tales that terrify, horrify, and nauseate. What sets him apart from many of his peers, though, and has kept him beloved in the hearts of horror fans for so many years is his ability to give each of his films social relevance and a deeper level of relatability.

It is the story as well as the blood and guts that gives his movies that something extra and lifts them to legendary status, and the list of classics of this prolific filmmaker’s career is long indeed. For starters, there’s the critically acclaimed “Of the Dead” series (Night, Dawn, Day, Land, Diary, and Survival). And then there’s Martin, Knightriders, The Crazies, and Creepshow. And don’t forget Monkey Shines, The Dark Half, Season of the Witch, Two Evil Eyes, There’s Always Vanilla, and Bruiser.

George Romero has earned his iconic status several times over; yet, he is humble enough to shrug off that crown and will tell you he’s just doing what he loves. For that, Rock and Shock is honored to have George Romero return as a guest, and we hope that all will attend to meet this iconic legend of film.




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