Boogeyman – Reincarnation Threatened by Ulli Lommel

There are bad movies and then there are Ulli Lommel movies. A man whose filmic career has made even Uwe Boll films feel surprisingly watchable. One of his earliest films, 1980’s The Boogey Man was without question the highlight of his body of work and even it is pretty terrible. Now the man is planning a sequel in Boogeyman – Reincarnation.

Attached to star are Laurence Harvey, Tristan Risk, John Blackport, Skylar (yes, just Skylar), and Myles Montpetit.

Boogeyman – Reincarnation is the first chapter in a new legacy of terror. Tales of The Boogeyman are as old as time itself and now, 35 years after he created a Cult Classic with the original, Ulli Lommel returns with a tale of vengeance, sorrow and damnation.

Tracing the origins of one of the most vindictive supernatural killers, Boogeyman – Reincarnation spans generations, lands and time itself to present a riveting and haunting experience.

A terrible crime echoes through the ages, as the souls of the condemned pay an eternal price for their vicious acts upon the innocent. With classic sensibilities and a contemporary feel, Boogeyman – Reincarnation is the spawning of a new era.

Be sure to check under your bed!

The Boogey Man

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