Full Trailer for S. Darko

The full trailer for S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale (as it’s now being called) showed up this weekend over at the film’s official site, but you can just check it out below if you like. This time there’s actual footage from the film, unlike in the “teaser trailer” we showed you a few days ago!
The story picks up years after the events of Donnie Darko with Donnie’s sister Samantha (Daveigh Chase, reprising her role) now starting to see all sorts of weird shit, which is all over the trailer as well. Whether or not Donnie Darko warrants a sequel is moot at this point; the trailer makes this look like it may not be half bad. But trailers can be deceiving like that…

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • MrVoorhees

    OMG it’s out… TODAY! I need to get it!

  • MrVoorhees

    I must agree Sam, Daveigh Chase, looks all grown up and sexy in the trailer…. And might be a major influence on me getting the blu-ray when it comes out…. But I also have to go against some of the above comments. I think the visuals look pretty good. Looks like there are more special effects in this one and more sci-fi themed. It is a very “digital” look, but I like it. Its very crisp and I think it’ll look amazing in HD on blu-ray. I know they shot it on the Red One (the original was shot on 35mm) and were trying to get a similar look and feel to the original… and it looks like they accomplished some amazing images.

  • jspillers

    This “film” has, as “the butcher” put it, a “Direct-to-DVD” feel to it. Very low budget appearance, shoddy acting… The original film had a star-studded cast- this attempt has ONE original character (as I have read) from the original film. This makes no sense to me.

    From what I’ve seen of this storyline, it does not appear to have the “off the beaten path” approach that Richard Kelly brought to Donnie Darko. This trailer shouted “Ordinary Teen Horror Film”. The appeal of Donnie Darko was it’s originality- in the overall feel of the film AND the storyline.

    The graphics (if you can call them that) seem to lack authenticity, particularly the “tubes” that prelude to a person’s actions that appeared in the original Donnie Darko film and have resurfaced here. They do bear a resembleance to the original, but they just don’t fit the bill. I have to ask- WHO decided to put that floating feather in the film (that we see fall in front of Samantha Darko)? Was it designed on machine running Microsoft Windows ’95???

    Worst of all, and the “deal-breaker” for me was the “Frank the Bunny mask” at the end of the trailer. The voice appeared to be spot-on, but good gosh- WHO fashioned that mask? For the love of God, I made a better one as a halloween costume. I wonder if the costume designer in this film even saw the original Donnie Darko film! Perhaps he was constructing this mask while riding in a schoolbus full of noisy children down a dirt road. Regardless, this is apparently a “SEQUEL”, and as such, it should continue, at least, in the bare essence of the original.

    This is the most atrocious example of a sequel that “should have not been made”.

    I feel bad that Richard Kelly’s masterpiece will forever be associated with this foul garbage. Thank you, Nathan Atkins.

    • MrVoorhees

      btw… according to imdb the sequel had a budget almost double that of the original Donnie Darko. I think its gonna look dope!

  • Mr. Dark

    I’m gonna say something I never thought I’d say:

    That looks interesting.

    Although it is entirely f’d up and wrong that Donnie’s sister/Samara/voice of Lilo is now thoroughly hot.

    Mr. Dark
    Part-Time Dread Central Gaming Guy
    Full-Time Freelance Smartass

  • The Butcher

    This has a cheap direct-to-dvd look and feel to it. I am not the biggest Donnie Darko fan, so I won’t be super let down by an inferior sequel, but I have a feeling a lot of DD fans are in for a fall.

  • TsMkLg068426

    Looks interesting especially at the end of the trailer when you see that silver bunny again it makes it creepy once more. It looks worth to watch it.

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Damn, that’s Samara? Wow, she’s grown up…UHmm, what? Oh yeah, the movie looks interesting enough…I always thought Donnie Darko was a GOOD movie, but nearly as great as everyone else seemed to think. I’ll check it though.