Foycast VI: Foyday the 13th!

Foycast IVToday is Friday the 13th. Some high profile slasher movie opens today; I forget the title. More importantly, today is the premiere of the sixth installment of the Foycast and this time you didn’t have to wait six months for it!

After a ringing endorsement from the Figure Four Weekly’s “Bryan & Vinny Show”, it is then time for gushing amounts of man love for Golden Bat, the greatest gonzo Japanese superhero movie you’ve never seen but really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really need to. I’ll be joined as always (as if I have a choice) by Uncle Creepy – or as an unhappy Jason-loving co-worker of mine calls him, “that motherfucker who needs to shut the fuck up” – for around a half-hour of non-stop Golden Bat love, a veritable Valentine to this wackiest a Asian superhero flicks. We think when you hear this you’ll fall in love too.

That’s where the love ends and the angst begins. We’ll list complaints about the banality of current cinema, a discussion that kicks off after I tell you about the first theatrical film in over a decade that pushed me to walk out. I’ll read some viewer mail from a disgruntled Asylum fan. I’ll poke fun at Uncle Creepy. We’ll discuss – I don’t even remember what all we discussed. Poking fun at Uncle Creepy … Insane Mexican kiddy movies … Musical interludes…

Do you realize this whole rambling nonsensical podcast exists because Dread Central readers requested it? Do you realize you could actually watch Golden Bat in its entirety in the time it will take you to listen to this show? Do any of you actually listen to this show, and if so, would you please go vote for it on Podcast Alley, because isn’t it about damn time someone put those snobby Dinner For Fiends guys who think they’re all high and mighty in their place?

Foycast the 13th! The unluckiest Foycast of the year – but only if you don’t listen!

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    • El Regio Dude

      Niiice Episode, Man!

      I´m from Mexico, so, excuse me for my poor english, i will try to do my best…

      I remember with a smile on my face when i heard about the Little Red Riding Hood… indeed, it was a really freaky movie, but when i was a kid, it wasn´t at all. Actually, we see the “Lobo y Zorrillito / Wolf ad Little Skunk” movies every 4 months or so, in a Sunday, in Canal 2. It´s glorious see all that movies now, because after all, even ourselves asked us “what the hell was that about?”

      I don´t quite remember the movie of “Santa Claus”, but in that years the movies for children (and some for adults) had people of other countries dressed as his ethnias clichés (do i write it right?, hope so), maybe because the producers think the children won´t get the idea of the diversity… and the result, in these days, is a politcal incorrect movie. And yeah, we feel embarrased of see that on TV these days…

      But the thing is we got a lot of movies and TV shows full of some kind of weird shit, and sometimes we don´t realize because we are so familiar with that. Some examples of this are:

      – We have a TV Show for childrens , hosted by a 80+ years old guy
      playing a kid. It was funny when he played that role in the 60´s,
      but now, well, it isn´t.

      – We got luchadores dressed as The Ninja Turtles (Tortugas Ninjas),
      The Thundercats, and even a guy who dresses as Marilyn Manson…
      All of them with bellies.

      – We got TV shows with clowns who sing and dance, and they pose
      as they´re the Next Mexican Model… clowns here are not funny
      anymore… they´re sexy.

      – And all the Telenovelas (Soap operas) are the same shit, but with
      different actresses and actors… and all of them, end with a
      wedding. always.

      And you can find all that things on Youtube.

      Sometimes that´s funny.. sometimes is reeeally sad…

      “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”