Dimension to Craft Social Networking Thriller

Dimension FilmsThe Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Dimension Films is looking to develop a thriller that cashes in on the modern day phenomenon that is online social networking. The idea for the story originates from actress Sara Rue as well as producer Robert Green, and writer T.S. Faull (Rohtenburg) has been tapped to write the script.

Dimension also released a few hints about the plot, describing it as a teen thriller structured similarly to Ten Little Indians. Screaming teens are knocked off one by one, presumably in some creative fashion, with some sort of “Web 2.0” twist. My guess? The killer has a social networking page and is offing everyone on his “Top Ten” favorites list. My second guess is that it will be PG-13, or the target audience won’t even be able to get into the theaters without an escort from their moms.

The old adage History repeats itself seems appropriate and it should have seriously been considered by Dimension before signing up for this doomed project. The Net, Feardotcom, and Untraceable are examples of some of the best films that were based upon the technology of the internet. Dimension has just signed up to make the type of film that has always sucked hard, and I can’t imagine that they’re going to somehow surprise everyone and get it right. I doubt such a film can even be done right. If it’s good, I’ll eat a booger; maybe not even my own.

Tristan Sinns

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Tristan Sinns

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  • Jon Condit

    Didnt they already do this with Hellraiser?

    If this has a haunted Myspace page or a cursed Tweet or any stupid shit like that Im going to snap. Actual brainstorm session: “How can we take Feardotcom and all the other movies that were ripped of to make it and blend them with a trendy angle?” “I KNOW KILLER MYSPACE!!!”


    How the fuck are films supposed to be timeless classics if they are fucking irrelevant after three months.

    The only way Hollywood could fuck up any more is to start making movies about shit thats already out dated… Coming Summer 2010 Tamagotchi Terror!

    • jemima

      True, this idea is OLD hat and has been done to death – but I love the way that uncle Bob keeps referring to it as “fresh”. He’s one of the worse producers in the film industry. This idea is about as fresh as his forthcoming Halloween 3-D. And we all know how many people are looking forward to that dead horse. DIMENSION FILMS: whenever I see that logo I get a cold shiver!!!

  • Sirand

    I nominate “DieSpace” as the title!

    • Avid Fan

      Ha! I second that.

      • Tristan Sinns


        Or MyDeath 😀