IMG 5432 - Zenescope Teams with Phicen for Liesel Van Helsing Action Figure

Zenescope Teams with Phicen for Liesel Van Helsing Action Figure

Start clearing some space on the shelves that hold your horror collectibles because word of some truly bad-ass action figures from Zenescope Entertainment and Phicen Ltd. has come our way, starting in July with Liesel Van Helsing, daughter of the famed vampire slayer.

From the Press Release:
Zenescope Entertainment’s Grimm Fairy Tales (GFT) is one of the industry’s longest running indie comics series. The GFT universe spans five realms with over 200 characters and encompasses numerous spin-off series such as Van Helsing, Wonderland, Neverland, Inferno, OZ, and Robyn Hood – each featuring a mix of iconic heroines and villains.

Now, through Zenescope’s partnership with renowned action figure manufacturer Phicen Ltd., GFT’s legions of fans will be able bring home collectible versions of their favorite characters in the most realistic and lifelike way imaginable. Each 1:6 scale figure will be made with Phicen’s seamless body and stainless steel skeleton and will be hand-crafted in the character’s signature outfit as well as packaged with an armament of his or her signature weapons. Each standout piece is being produced by Executive Replicas, marking the first releases in the collaboration among the three companies.

This July, the first action figure will be released under the deal – Liesel Van Helsing. The daughter of the famed vampire slayer has never looked so good or lifelike as she comes dressed in her signature outfit of fishnets and trenchcoat with steampunk accents for optimum hunting. Ready to drive a stake into every black vampire heart, the figure offers a multitude of poses and comes packaged with her signature weapons.

Pre-orders can be made directly via the Executive Replicas website and through select retailers.  The details include:

  • Item Name: Van Helsing 1:6 Scale Collector Figure
  • Item No.: PL2015-78
  • Retail Price: US$159.99
  • Deadline for Pre-order: 19th June 2015
  • Delivery Date: 31st July 2015

About Liesel Van Helsing:
Daughter of famed inventor and vampire slayer Abraham Van Helsing, Liesel Van Helsing continues her father’s legacy. She is a woman living outside of her time, hailing from the seventeenth century. However, mystical events pulled her out of that time and into the present day. During the day Van Helsing spends her time creating new tools of vampiric destruction; at night she employs those tools upon the legions of the undead. Unlike others in the Grimm Universe, Van Helsing relies entirely upon her wits in order to outsmart her super-powered foes.

IMG 5432 - Zenescope Teams with Phicen for Liesel Van Helsing Action Figure

IMG 5325b 633x1024 - Zenescope Teams with Phicen for Liesel Van Helsing Action Figure