A Hostel Tease is Official

Prepare to squirm! (click to see the whole thing!)There’s some good news out there for those who love a bit of gooey nastiness. No, the release date for the second film in the Hostel series has not been bumped up, though that would have been nice.

Santa did, however, manage to wrangle up a nice meaty treat for fans of Eli Roth’s latest horror franchise. To your right you can now see what has officially become the U.S. teaser poster according to an e-mail Roth sent to good old CHUD. Not a bad bit of work, I must say. This poster better be a tease as to how sickening the sequel may turn out to be. I for one hope they really up the ante this time around. I want tits cut off, penises flying, and someone better get a red hot iron up the jaxy!

Hostel: Part II will be bleeding its way into theatres this summer on June 8th. Make sure to be there and show Hollywood that we want messy R-rated goods on the silver screen instead of PG-13, sugar-coated, glorified WB cast, made-for-TV bullshit!

Kryten Syxx

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Jon Condit