Beware The Bunnyman!

Beware the Bunnyman (click for larger image)Bunnyman is the horrifying tale of a group of friends on their way back from a Las Vegas weekend driving through a remote southern California region that find themselves in a deadly cat and mouse game with a deranged, dump truck-driving, chainsaw-wielding cannibal in a bunny costume. And, no, it’s not a horror comedy.

Not based in any way, shape, or form on the Bunnyman urban legend, this Bunnyman is the warped vision of independent California filmmaker Carl Lindbergh.

Proclaiming to be heavily influenced by El Mariachi and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Lindbergh describes the film as follows: “Bunnyman is the story of a group of friends on their way back from a spontaneous weekend trip to Las Vegas, and while driving through the remote regions of southern California they suddenly find themselves in a sickening game of cat and mouse with a five ton dumptruck and, when looking for help, stumble upon a nightmarish family who takes pleasure in dismembering and eating as many of the kids as possible.”

The title killer, described as having been severely abused as a child, is now an adult with manifestations of intense rage and child-like taunting behavior. He dresses in a bunny suit as something of a security blanket for his fragile psyche. And I bet you thought furry sex was as deviant as behavior could get with animal costumes?

Lindbergh claims that his film Bunnyman will not rely on explicit gore to generate terror in the audience, but rather on pacing, suspense, the deserted locations and dramatic tension. One look at the current teaser trailer for the film, and I think it’s safe to say he is relying just a bit on explicit gore.

More details about Bunnyman, including a video interview with filmmaker Lindbergh, can be found over at the Bunnyman MySpace page. Hop on over there and have a look.

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    Finally proof that my Mother wasn’t just crazy when she said bunnies were evil.

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