New Line Cinema

New Line Planning Two Untitled Horror Movies for 2016

We recently learned that Warner Bros. from this point forward will be using its New Line division to release upcoming horror films, at long last making the brand once again a big time player on the horror scene. Today comes the news that 2016 will see the release of two New Line films, though that's all we know at the moment. Read on for speculation!

New Line Believes in Superstition

The house that Freddy built has some new tenants moving in as New Line Cinema has made its first acquisition in eight years(!) by acquiring worldwide rights to the found footage Blumhouse production of Superstition.

New Line Won't Escape From New York

Awwwww man, and it sounded SO good, too! So it appears that the ill-advised Escape From New York remake has hit yet another snag on the road to development. I know this doesn't mean it won't happen, but I'll gladly postpone the inevitably unnecessary reinvention of Snake for as long as humanly possible.