SDCC 08: NECA's Gears of War Figures

Continuing their trend of making badass videogame characters into badass toys, NECA showed off their new Gears of War figures at Comic Con, and Nomad snapped as many pics as he could so you can see just how cool they are.

SDCC 08: NECA's Superbeasto Figures

Of course, NECA would get the license to make figures based on Rob Zombie’s upcoming animated film The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. They’ve done well with Zombie’s films in the past, so it only makes sense.

Evil Toys at SDCC!

With San Diego Comic Con only a week away (July 23-27th), we are getting pelted with information on the show from all sides. It’s now become impossible to buy even half of the exclusives on sale there, as you’d have to be rich AND some are so limited, you’d need a small army just to stand in line for you.

NECA's GoW Series 2 Revealed!

Gears of War just won't slow down. A movie is on the way, a sequel to the game is due out later this year and amount of toys that can be made from the franchise seems endless. If only there was a way to stop 5 year olds from playing Gears online with mics on...

SDCC Exclusives: Half Stealth Predator

So, what exclusives is NECA bringing to the table this year at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con?

Two Predators in Stores Soon!

It's time to head out to your local comic shop, FYE or Spencer's because NECA's two new Predators from AVP:R (review) should be arriving very soon.

18 inches of Alien Glory!

Not long ago we brought you images of NECA's 7" version of the very first adult xenomorph seen in Alien. Back then we mentioned that the toy company was in the works of bringing to us a large scale 18" version; it showed up today!

9" Alien Coming This Month!

The xenomorph from Ridley Scott's Alien has seen many incarnations throughout the years from several toymakers. Some have been good, some OK, but none really did justice to H.R. Giger's killing machine.

NYCC Toy Gallery Live!

All right, it took longer than any of us would’ve liked, thanks in no small part to various sicknesses, Tribeca and other conspiring factors, but I’m proud to announce that our massive toy gallery from New York Comic Con is now online!

Evilshop Says Go to Hell!

All right, we showed you the best glass you can possibly own for waiting out any zombie invasion (see ‘em here if you missed those), but now Evilshop has a better idea than waiting for a zombie apocalypse; GO TO HELL!

Spiderwalk with NECA's Exorcist

Today we got in a high-res pic of NECA's Cult Classics Series 7. The latest addition to the series is a Spiderwalking Regan from William Friedkin's 1973 classic The Exorcist.

Four Jacks in a Box

NECA is one of the best toymakers for adults out there. Month after month their library of quality figures grows. Not only are their toys bad ass, but they were the only company to ever do real justice to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas franchise. Not every one of us had $100-$200 to blow on some Jack doll back in the day, but now thanks to NECA we can own the whole population of Halloween Town without going broke.

NECA's New Alien

The hype for Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem just keeps on rolling!

More Castlevania Figures!

Here are the goods that NECA promised us a scant few days ago (“NECA’s Castlevania Figures” – August 2007); the first pics of their Succubus and Dracula figures from the upcoming line of Castlevania toys. We’ll just show you the pics and throw you over to NECA’s official site for all the specs on the figures. Look for the first line of Castlevania toys in stores this October!

NECA's Castlevania Figures

NECA just dropped the first pics from their upcoming Castlevania toys, and I gotta say; they’re pretty damn cool. Not that you’d expect less from NECA these days, but sometimes it just needs to be said. Check it out; both Simon Belmont and Alucard will feature a ton of ball joints, making it easier to put them in awkward positions, and will come packaged with tons of accesories. Later this week NECA will reveal the remaining figures in the line, the Sucubus and Dracula, so keep an eye out for pics of those soon!