Son of Frankenstein and Retro-Style NES Jason Voorhees Want Spots on Your Toy Shelf

There's never been a better time than the present to be a horror fan who collects toys, and that's largely thanks to the companies NECA and Mezco. Speaking of which, both companies have just unveiled exciting new offerings so read on to check 'em out!

Another Look at NECA's Glorious Ultimate Freddy

From Figures.com comes another look at NECA's Ultimate Freddy collectible, which will be hitting stores this fall in celebration of the 30th anniversary of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Check it out, and then wipe your mouth when you're done. That drool is just unbecoming.

NECA Sharpens Blades on Dream Warriors Replica Freddy Glove

Countless Freddy Krueger gloves have hit the market over the years, from officially licensed cheapies to fan-made replicas that look like they were plucked right out of the movies. In-between are toy company NECA's replica gloves, which combine quality with affordability...

NECA Finds New Gremlins on the Planet of the Apes

NECA has revealed a bunch of new goodies over the last few days, and we've picked our choices to tell you about. On tap right now are images of their new Mogwais from Gremlins and a crop of old and new Planet of the Apes figures to DIE for!

#SDCC 2014: First Images of NECA's Ellen Ripley Action Figures

Being that she's one of the most badass characters in film history, it only makes sense that the Alien universe's Ellen Ripley has been honored with a handful of action figures over the years. But there's always been a catch involved, which has resulted in them being a bit less than screen-accurate.

#SDCC14: See All the Sights from the Showroom Floor and Beyond!

Along with juggling the panels, press rooms, and parties of SDCC 2014, we here at Dread Central will do our best to bring you all the sights there are to see in San Diego. Keep your eyes here for our ever-expanding gallery of the sublime, the silly, and everything in between!

#SDCC14: Michael Bailey Smith Signing Super Freddy Figures at Comic-Con

Planning on picking up NECA's Super Freddy Doll at Comic-Con this week? Then you may as well have it signed by the actor who portrayed the pumped-up serial killing nightmare man, Michael Bailey Smith!

#SDCC14: NECA Unveils RoboCop vs. Terminator Video Game Action Figures

At last year's San Diego Comic-Con, NECA was perhaps the biggest and brightest star of the event, putting up for grabs an NES-inspired Jason Voorhees toy that sent horror fans in a tizzy. Since then, they've been steadily adding new figures to the video game line.

NECA Unleashing the Ultimate Alien Queen

Hey, Gentle Giant. Yeah, you with the $500 replica of the classic Kenner Alien. You have some really stiff competition coming your way in terms of collectibles from the Alien franchise. Behold what is nothing short of another MUST-HAVE!

Leatherface and The Misfits Mascot The Fiend Added to NECA's Line-up

NECA is at it again, adding more figures to their already impressive roster. The new additions to NECA's 8" Mego-Style Collection are Leatherface and The Fiend, the infamous mascot of legendary punk band The Misfits. And we've got an early sneak peek for you.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014: New Pacific Rim Collectibles Break the Surface

Godzilla may be whipping ass in theatres right now, but our friends over at NECA are busy reminding us that Guillermo del Toro's Jaegers were kicking Kaiju ass last year in Pacific Rim! Check out another of their Comic-Con exclusives!

San Diego Comic-Con 2014: NECA Breaks Out Super Freddy!

NECA cranks out quality collectibles by the truckload at a pace that's truly faster than a bastard maniac and more powerful than a loco-madman! To say they have a treat coming our way is a bit of an understatement! Read on for your first look at Super Freddy!

NECA Goes Retro With New Scream Figure

NECA is gearing up to slash away at your wallet with yet another collectible that has us grinning ear-to-ear. If you're a fan of the Scream franchise, you're gonna LOVE this! Read on for details and your first look at the 8" retro-Ghostface!

NECA Brings 30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure Up from the Boiler Room

Toy company NECA has been doing one hell of a job in recent years when it comes to pleasing Freddy Krueger fans, and last year saw the release of a retro-style action figure as well as one inspired by the infamous Nightmare on Elm Street video game.

NECA Offers Up a New Look at Their 12" Godzilla

To kick off your weekend, we have another look at NECA's upcoming action figure series based upon Legendary Pictures' take on the King of the Monsters, Godzilla. Check it out, and feel your wallet start burning as if it were the target of the radioactive breath of this behemoth!