Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps Looks Back at the Making of Mushroomhead's 12 Hundred

Last weekend director David "House" Greathouse and Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps completed filming of Mushroomhead's bloody new video for "Come On," the first single from the band's forthcoming album Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children. While an official announcement on the release of that video will be made in the weeks ahead, Kurtzman's "Creature Corps" reality web series is going back in time to 2007, when Mushroomhead's "12 Hundred" was named Video of the Year by MTV2's "Headbangers Ball".

I Kissed a Vampire Goes Feature Length

A while back we told you about the iTunes-only rock musical I Kissed a Vampire. Well, it's iTunes-only no more as a feature film version directed by Chris Sean Nolan is on its way! I know you're friggin' excited, right? Contain yourself, damn it!

Two Teaser Trailers for Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical

Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical is a new film that promises to be the first of its kind: a horror musical with an original heavy metal soundtrack. Its creators call it "G.G. Allin meets the Rocky Horror Picture Show!"

Dorchester Leaps onto Broadway

From the file of things labeled "That's Unexpected" comes this news nugget from Dorchester Press, whom we horror fans know as Leisure Books: Dorchester Publishing is thrilled to announce the signing of the Broadway musical option agreement for Leanna Renee Hieber’s 'The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker', a haunting story of love and ghosts in Victorian England.

Musical Vamp Spoof I Kissed a Vampire Debuting on iTunes

Here at Dread Central we can appreciate a good spoof just as much as anybody. And if it's a musical aimed at the Twilight crowd, even better! Enter the new iTunes-only rock musical I Kissed a Vampire.

The Musical from the Black Lagoon?

This technically isn't new news since it was announced this past June but since I just learned of it the other day I thought I'd pass along the info anyway to those like me that haven't already heard. Believe or not, Universal Studios Hollywood is planning a Creature from the Black Lagoon stage musical.

Heathers: The Musical?

It's hard to think of a film that's done dark, satirical teen comedy better than Heathers, and now it looks like it's taking its little black tale to the stage ... as a musical no less. According to THR, the production is being developed by Andy Fickman, director of Race to Witch Mountain, who is making a return to his musical roots.

Thriller Musical Confirmed!

Remember back in November when we did a little story about he possibility of Michael Jacskson’s “Thriller” coming to the stage? Well, looks like it’s going to happen whether the idea thrills you or terrifies you beyond the capacity for rational thoughts. Not sure which side of that fence I land on...

Thriller: The Musical?

Though very little is known about it, intrepid reporter Nomad just pointed us to Broadway World, who got word that a Broadway version of Michael Jackson’s epic horror music video “Thriller” is being planned by prolific Broadway producer James Nederlander.

Repo! Theatrical Listings

In case you weren’t sure, here’s your list of where you can see Repo! The Genetic Opera when it opens on November 7th. Sure it’s not the most extensive theatrical release but trust me, it’s worth the trip to see it. Check out the Repo! MySpace page to learn more about the film and get a taste of the music that populates it.

American Psycho Goes to Broadway

Patrick Bateman may have been a very unhappy investment banker at Pierce & Pierce who never could get a reservation at Dorcia's, but at least he will be getting his own American Psycho Broadway musical!

Rocky Horror Remake

Now this might go down in history as one of the worst ideas in Hollywood history; remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I mean, seriously, is this necessary? The original has been annoying me since it was released in 1975, why do we need another take on it?

Exclusive: Waxwork: The Musical?

It took me well over a month to track down Waxwork/Full Eclipse director Anthony Hickox, which I have to say when I set out to find him to discuss his latest horror movie, Knife Edge, I hadn’t anticipated being such a difficult task.