Rock and Shock Gets Rowdy

The minutes are ticking away until the 8th Annual Rock and Shock in Worcester, Massachusetts, and updates are starting to come fast and furiously (like an angry greyhound in heat). The festival is scheduled for October 14-16, and we've gotten word of two more guests being added to the already impressive list as well as a world premiere film. Read on, New Englanders. Like having the Red Sox and Patriots dominating their respective sports isn't enough. Now you get the most kickass horror convention in the Northeast as well. Well played, Worcester. Well played.

Rock and Shock Horror Festival Announces ICP, Mushroomhead to Perform

One of the East Coast's premier horror festivals, Rock and Shock, has announced its official ticket release date as well as some major musical acts that will be performing at the event. And you can bet your ass these guys will fit in perfectly at Rock and Shock.

Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps Looks Back at the Making of Mushroomhead's 12 Hundred

Last weekend director David "House" Greathouse and Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps completed filming of Mushroomhead's bloody new video for "Come On," the first single from the band's forthcoming album Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children. While an official announcement on the release of that video will be made in the weeks ahead, Kurtzman's "Creature Corps" reality web series is going back in time to 2007, when Mushroomhead's "12 Hundred" was named Video of the Year by MTV2's "Headbangers Ball".

WINNER ANNOUNCED - See the Saw VI Soundtrack Tour in Chicago for Free!

We first heard the other day about the Saw VI Soundtrack Tour that kicks off in early December in Minnesota but held off a bit on reporting about it while we worked out the details of a very cool contest we're running in conjunction with the event. Read on for the skinny.