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The CW President Mark Pedowitz Offers Updates on Battle Royale, Supernatural, The Selection, and More

The Television Critics Association's summer press tour is under way, and The CW's president Mark Pedowitz has shed more light on new projects "The Selection" and "Battle Royale" along with passing on some news that should make "Supernatural" fans happy.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Supernatural Interviews Shed Some Light on Season 8

Now that the "Supernatural" panel has moved to Comic-Con's Hall H, it's much harder to get inside. But we didn't have to wait in line for the goods on Season 8 - we were able to sit down and chat with the cast and crew of the show and have the answers you seek right here.

Preview of and Clips from Supernatural Season Finale Episode 7.23 - Survival of the Fittest

All season long the Winchesters have been on a mission to take down Dick. Will they succeed? Here are a preview of and a couple of clips from the season finale - Episode 7.23, "Survival of the Fittest" - to shed a bit of light on things.

Producer's Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.22 - There Will Be Blood; Connect with Misha Collins

We have two videos here to help you get ready for "Supernatural" Episode 7.22, "There Will Be Blood". In the first exec producer Robert Singer discusses the instability of Bobby the not-so-friendly ghost, and in the second Misha Collins (Castiel) answers a few probing fan questions.

A Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 7.22 - There Will Be Blood

With just two episodes remaining in Season 7 of "Supernatural", the clock is ticking for Sam and Dean to stop Dick and his army of Leviathans. And if the title of Episode 7.22, "There Will Be Blood", is any indication, it won't be easy! Good thing Bobby's there to help.

Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.22 - There Will Be Blood

We're just a few short hours away from tonight's episode of "Supernatural", but The CW is already thinking ahead to next week's Episode 7.22, "There Will Be Blood", and provided us with a big batch of photos from ep.

A Preview of and Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.21 - Reading Is Fundamental

Three notable things happen in this week's Episode 7.21 of "Supernatural", entitled "Reading Is Fundamental": Castiel returns, a new prophet arrives, and Ben Edlund is in charge of it all! We'd watch even without seeing this sneak peek.

Official Synopsis of the Season 7 Finale of Supernatural

In case you've forgotten, we get an extra episode of "Supernatural" this season, making the air date of its finale May 18th; and the synopsis of the ep, entitled "Survival of the Fittest", has just arrived. They've pulled out the big guns indeed; it's written by outgoing showrunner Sera Gamble and directed by Robert Singer.

Summary of Supernatural Episode 7.22 - There Will Be Blood

The CW's "Supernatural" will be airing an extra episode this season and ending a week later than most of the network's other series. We just got our hands on the summary of Season 7's penultimate episode, entitled "There Will Be Blood", and you can check it out here.

Producer's Preview of Supernatural Episode 7.17 - The Born-Again Identity

It's no secret this week's installment of "Supernatural" sees the return of fan favorite Misha Barton (aka Castiel), and in this producer's preview of Episode 7.17, "The Born-Again Identity", executive producer Robert Singer unveils his shocking return.

A Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 7.17 - The Born-Again Identity

A clip has arrived from this week's Episode 7.17 of "Supernatural", cleverly titled "The Born-Again Identity". Watch as Lucifer sits in on the Winchester brothers' conversation while Dean's angry that Sam's not angry.

Teaser for Supernatural Episode 7.17 - The Born-Again Identity; Jared Padalecki Answers Fan Questions

One thing The CW does better than any network is cater to its fans, as evidenced by this latest "CW Connect" video of "Supernatural" star Jared Padalecki answering fan questions. We also have a quick peek at next week's Episode 7.17, "The Born-Again Identity".

Misha Collins Swoops Back into Supernatural

Coming off this past Friday night's mid-season finale of "Supernatural", one thing is certain: In order to set things right, the Winchester boys need nothing short of a miracle. Could that miracle come in the form of Castiel?

A Clip from Supernatural Episode 7.02 - Hello, Cruel World

Just in case you weren't fired up enough for Episode 2 of Season 7 of "Supernatural" this coming Friday, September 30th, we have a clip to go along with the teaser trailer provided by The CW already. Apparently Sam is seeing two Deans - we certainly wouldn't complain about that!