Mike Nichols

Bread Crumbs Lead to a Promotional Trailer

Mike Nichols' Hansel and Gretel themed horror tale Bread Crumbs, starring Marianne Hagan (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers) and Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie's Halloween), will be making its Cannes premiere on May 17th, but we've got a look at the promotional trailer right now for you! Why? Because you're all oh so damned sexy!

Halloween Stars to Follow a Trail of Bread Crumbs

Two Michael Myers veterans - one survivor and one victim - will be re-teaming for another go 'round of brutal murder and madness, albeit far, far away from Haddonfield, Illinois this time. Will they have better luck, or will neither of them see the final reel?

Mike Nichols Is in Deep Water

Relationships can sometimes be a real bitch. Especially when things go a bit sour. Some couples do whatever they can to try and salvage things, like kinky sex and ... well ... murder. I tell ya, folks, sometimes it's a lot safer and more practical just to rub one out and go to sleep.