Midnight Movie

Tobe Hooper Has a Novel Idea for a Midnight Movie This July

There are plenty of guys who are memorable horror directors. Then there are the really good ones. On top of those guys are the true godfathers of the genre, and when one of these guys does something new, it's in your best interest to sit up and take goddamn notice. This is the case with Tobe Hooper's newest project, a novel entitled Midnight Movie.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Signed Copy of Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut on DVD

Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on nailing down the coolest things imaginable to give away to you guys. Next up on the "you really need to own this" list - We're giving away five (5) copies of the Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut DVD signed by director Jack Messitt.

Exclusive: Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut - The Dark Beneath Trailer

One of the coolest and most badass things about Jack Messitt's Midnight Movie is the film within the film, The Dark Beneath. Now, In celebration of the release of Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut, we've nailed down the exclusive lost trailer for the faux film.

Exclusive Clips and Massive Image Gallery: Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut

Jack Messitt's Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut is available right now for you to get your horror-loving hands on, and to celebrate the flick's arrival onto DVD, we have a veritable blood-soaked treasure trove of goodies for you to hack your way through.

Event Report from the Premiere of Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut

Sometimes things get a bit lost in the shuffle on this writer’s desk, although I’d be remiss to not finally deliver a bit of exclusive news, video, and photos from the premiere of director Jack Messitt’s Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut, which took place earlier this month in Westwood, California. Read on!

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut On its Way! First Teaser Art!

One above average slasher flick from a while back, Midnight Movie (review here), fared pretty well upon its release. So well in fact that the filmmakers have been allowed to go back and rework a few details.

DVD Releases: 5/4/2010: Put the Meadowoods Slasher in Cold Storage and Never Sleep Again

Only one genre related Blu-ray hits stores this week -- Escape from L.A. -- but a decent crop of DVDs accompanies it, including the documentary to end all documentaries, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.

Midnight Movie (Blu-ray)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Rebekah Brandes, Daniel Bonjour, Mandell Maughan, Jon Briddell, Stan Ellsworth, Greg Cirulnick, Michael Schwartz Directed by Jack Messitt Distributed by Peace Arch Home Entertainment

DVD Releases: Oct. 13, 2009: The Stepfather Has an Oral Fixation to Drag Me to Hell

Another great selection of DVDs hits store shelves this week (it's obviously October!) including one of the year's most fun films, Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell; the long-awaited Richard Stanley classic Hardware; Blu-rays of The Craft, Killer Movie, and Midnight Movie; and for the Robert Pattinson completists there's The Haunted Airman, a BBC television movie that was filmed five years ago and aired in the UK in 2006.

DVD Releases: The Netherbeast Alphabet

Some long-awaited titles finally hit DVD this Tuesday, January 6th, 2009. Now we just have to hope they were worth waiting for...

Dark Beneath Trailer & Stills!

Director Jack Messitt just dropped some more cool stuff in our laps from Midnight Movie, which hits DVD on Tuesday, January 6th. This time it’s a stack of stills and the trailer from The Dark Beneath, the “lost” cult film that is rediscovered and given a revival screening in Midnight Movie. The killer, as you known, pops off the screen and starts killing in the real world. Check out the stills and trailer from The Dark Beneath below, then scroll down a bit to pre-order the film via Evilshop!

New Midnight Movie Shots!

As a subtle reminder that Midnight Movie hits DVD in just one week (January 6th, to be specific), director Jack Messitt sent over a new stack of four shots from the film you won’t find anywhere else!

Midnight Movie Theatrical Dates & Locations!

We’ve been telling you that Midnight Movie would be hitting theaters soon but, because we like to tease, we’ve not been giving out any specific info … Until now! All right, truth be told we just got it ourselves, so sue us.

Midnight Movie Trailer!

Today we got in the trailer for the indie slasher pic from Jack Messitt, Midnight Movie, which recently took home the prize for Best Feature and Best Cinematography from the Chicago Horror Film Festival!