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More Resident Evil: Retribution Images; First Look at Barry Burton

I really hope they're saving the good stuff for the theatres because thus far all we've seen are images of various people holding guns. In any event at least in this latest batch you get your first look at Kevin Durand's character Barry Burton. And yes. He's holding a gun.

New Resident Evil: Retribution Image Offers More of the Same

Yep, that's right. Another Resident Evil: Retribution image is here featuring Milla Jovovich holding a gun. This time, however, we get to see her left profile instead of her right. Not complaining though. We can never have too much Milla.

Two Slightly Different Resident Evil: Retribution Banners Featuring - Who Else? - Alice

A pair of new Resident Evil: Retribution banners have popped up with the same image of Milla Jovovich as Alice but different taglines. We're a bit partial to the first - let us know what you think.

William Sadler Stalks Machete Kills

Another character actor has joined the ranks of Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills, and this time it's not a hot chick! See, miracles do happen! Even in the world of violent Mexploitation movies! Read on for details.

Machete Kills Cast Gets a Double Dose of Hot with Electra and Elise Avellan

The only thing more staggering than the body count we're going to see in the upcoming Mexploitation gore-fest Machete Kills is the number of hot chicks Robert Rodriguez has surrounded star Danny Trejo with. Every day is Christmas for this cat!

Charlie Sheen Cast as U.S. President in Machete Kills

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Honestly? This could very well work as long as Sheen stays in character and doesn't just appear as Charlie Sheen. Then again, if they cast him as Charlie Sheen in a bizarro world in which he actually was elected to run the country, that'd be even funnier.

It's a Behind-the-Scenes Fiesta on the Set of Machete Kills

If there's one thing we can pretty much guarantee, it's that working on films like Machete Kills is lots of fun. Recently star Jessica Alba took to her Facebook page to show fans just how much fun! Check it out!

Two New Resident Evil: Retribution International Trailers Have a Bit More Red in Them

Though mostly the same as the first, two new variations of the Resident Evil: Retribution trailers are here, this time with a bit more blood. Read on for yet another look at the story of the only woman on Earth who can find eyeliner during the apocalypse.

Machete Kills Edward James Olmos

Well, we don't know that for sure, but given the kinds of bloodbaths the character known as Machete has been involved with in the past, it's a pretty damned good bet. Read on for the latest casting news for Robert Rodriguez's next grindhouse inspired epic.

Official Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer Alters Reality

For those of you too lazy to sit through the Resident Evil: Retribution Live Global Streaming Event, the official trailer from the flick has finally arrived, and we've got every Umbrella-fueled second of it right here for you complete with slow motion action shots!

Resident Evil: Retribution Live Global Streaming Event - Tune in RIGHT HERE at 11:00 am Eastern / 8:00 am Pacific

The fun is ready to begin, and you can watch every second of the New York City Resident Evil: Retribution Live Global Streaming Event right here at 11:00 am Eastern / 8:00 am Pacific. What better way can you think of to spend the morning than hanging with Milla Jovovich?

Resident Evil: Retribution Live Global Streaming Event Trailer Touches Down

Okay, kids! We've just sunk our claws into a new trailer for the super cool event and trailer premiere taking place in New York city in honor of Resident Evil: Retrbution. Yes, a trailer for the event that's going to unleash the trailer! Keeping up? Good!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to the Resident Evil: Retribution Live Global Streaming Event in NYC!

We told you earlier about the live global streaming event happening in New York City in promotion of Resident Evil: Retribution, and now if you're in or around the tri-state area, we're getting you in to the big show!

Resident Evil: Retribution Live Global Streaming Event and Official Trailer Launch on June 14th

There's one thing for certain about the filmmakers behind the Resident Evil film franchise: They know how to treat their fans. Case in point - this super cool event and trailer premiere that's happening next week. Read on for details.

Blood and Desolation on Display in Latest Resident Evil: Retribution Stills

Screen Gems has released three new stills from the forthcoming Resident Evil: Retribution, and we've got them both here for you, ravaged city and all. Check them out, and look closely as we finally get a peek at some red stuff in one of them!