Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez Looks Pretty Hot in New Machete Kills Poster

And not just hot in the physical sense either. I mean, with all the flames and explosions that leather suit has to be hell! The chafing possibilities alone make us uncomfortable. Hopefully she has some kind of salve or powder close by.

Machete Kills Lots of People in New Trailer

Mira, chicos. Forget those blurry bootlegs as the official teaser trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills has arrived, and we have the whole enchilada for you right here. That red stuff you see is NOT hot sauce. The hot sauce is green, but right now that doesn't matter.

Act Quickly to See Lady Gaga and Several Other Ladies in New Machete Kills Trailer

A grainy clip from a new trailer for Machete Kills has been popping up on the Internet - and then getting quickly pulled down by Open Road Films - but we found a decent copy and have it right here... just act quickly! Along with it is a Pop News Daily segment focusing on Lady Gaga's role.

Sofia Vergara Lactates Terror in Latest Machete Kills Poster

Yep, the headline pretty much says it all. There's nothing like a set of deadly ta-tas unleashing some well placed hellfire to get the old blood pumping. Check out this extreme piece of eye candy. It truly is worth 1,000 words.

First Look: Machete Kills Amber Heard and Gets a Lapdance!

The first image from the upcoming Robert Rodriguez sequel Machete Kills is here, and it gives us yet another reason to be very, very jealous of star Danny Trejo. Mr. Rodriguez, we are sure Mr. Trejo's penis is quite thankful.

Robert Rodriguez Provides an Update on Machete Kills

In case you were hoping to see Lindsay Lohan reprise her role from Machete in the film's sequel, Machete Kills, that's not happening, but director Robert Rodriguez has revealed a few other tidbits about the production and a potential third installment.

Open Road Films Sets September Release Date for Machete Kills

It looks like previous reports of a delay in the opening of Machete Kills due to some behind-the-scenes courtroom activities have been taken care of as Open Road Films has announced a release date for Robert Rodriguez's sequel of September 13th.

Producers Looking to Kill Machete Kills

In the world of Machete nothing is ever easy for the blade-wielding Super-Mexican. Sure he gets all the babes in the movies, but in real life things aren't as pleasurable. In fact, we may not even get to see the title character's latest rampage.

Alexa Vega Stunning in Machete Kills

Rolling Stone caught the first glimpse of Alexa Vega in Machete Kills, the Robert Rodriguez-directed sequel that brings back Danny Trejo as the blade-savvy former Mexican Federale, and all we can say is wow.

Resident Evil: Retribution Hitting Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 21st; The Complete Series on Blu-ray

December 21st sees the home video release of Resident Evil: Retribution (review here) along with The Complete Series: Resident Evil 1-5 on Blu-ray. While the last installment was disappointing, we know the series has its fans so if you're one of them, read on for the details.

Machete Kills on an Open Road

It's been a few weeks since we last talked about Machete Kills, but some really good news has come! Open Road Films has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Machete Kills, the Robert Rodriguez-directed sequel that brings back Danny Trejo as the blade-savvy former Mexican Federale.

Exclusive: Boris Kodjoe Talks Resident Evil: Retribution, Nurse 3D and More

For the final installment of our Resident Evil: Retribution interview series, we catch up with the returning Boris Kodjoe, who reprises his role as Luther West after leaving fans questioning his whereabouts at the conclusion of Afterlife.

The Verdict Is In! Check Out Our Resident Evil: Retribution Review!

So the question beckons... Will this latest installment in the popular franchise be another ninety minutes of empty-headed stupidity, or will it finally deliver something other than the usual blah blah blah. Read on to find out!