Michael Bay

A Poster For Friday?

Considering all the elements Michael Bay employs in his blockbuster films, we're pretty sure this is legit.

Platinum Dunes Conjure Ouija

You know things are getting weird when Hollywood turns to the virtually untapped world of board games to find their next high-concept script. Like today, when THR reported that Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes have signed a deal with Hasbro to bring the supernatural adventure Ouija to the big screen.

Bay Vs. Boll: Whoever Loses, We Win!

We interrupt your normal horror movie news to bring you the height of comedy. And by height of comedy I mean Uwe Boll challenging Michael Bay to face him in the ring for a mano-a-mano boxing match. Seriously! You cannot make this stuff up. When it comes to the antics of Uwe Boll, how can you make up stuff that's wackier than the real thing?

Dunes & Paramount Team for Butcherhouse

While it’s good to have some news that Platinum Dunes are finally looking at working on some original stuff as opposed to remake after remake, it’s too bad the premise of The Butcherhouse Chronicles doesn’t sound like anything that original...