Michael Anderson

Stealth Media Wraps Production on The Hatching

Back in May we told you about a new killer croc flick called The Hatching, which at the time hadn't even begun filming. Following up on that story, we've just learned that the big green monster is inching ever closer to the surface, Stealth Media officially announcing that production on the film has wrapped.

New Alien Invasion Film Newcomers to Film in Outer Space

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, right? I mean, why fabricate sets or use CGI when you can just shoot a rocket into the cosmos to nab yourselves some bitchin' footage! Read on for your first details regarding Newcomers.

Terror Strikes From Below in The Hatching

Around these parts we love our nature-run-amok flicks. The bigger and bloodier, the better. One flick that's hit our radar recently is Stealth Media's new flick The Hatching, and as you'll see by the sales art, it's right up our alleys!