Mia Wasikowska

Oldboy Director to Send Alice to Stoker Land

It's been a few months since last we heard of anything happening with Wentworth Miller's horror thriller Stoker, but lo and behold some possible casting news has hit the net.

Short Film Spotlight: Spencer Susser's I Love Sarah Jane

Here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for cool videos and short films to share with our readers, and today we're happy to present "I Love Sarah Jane", a short film written by Spencer Susser (who also directed) and David Michôd. Set in a smoky, grey sky of a world populated by zombies and survivalist children, "I Love Sarah Jane" stars the always fabulous Mia Wasikowska.

UPDATED: A Tour of Tim Burton's Wonderland / Odeon Boycott Avoided

With its March 5th premiere approaching, Tim Burton's 3D vision of Alice in Wonderland is sure to appeal to genre fans. Which is why we're providing a video tour of the props, costumes, and set pieces from the film that Nomad recorded for us during last year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Medicom Reveals its Alice and Mad Hatter Figures

We've been a bit hit or miss with our coverage of Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland due to not being entirely sure how horror oriented it may be, but after seeing Medicom's new Alice and Mad Hatter figures from Japan, we just had to share.

New Images from Alice in Wonderland

We all knew Tim Burton was liable to come up with some pretty amazing imagery for his upcoming Alice in Wonderland, and today we found out just how incredible it is.

First Look at Tim Burton's Alice

We're still not sure exactly how "dark" Tim Burton's adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic tale Alice in Wonderland will be but thought both he and the story have enough fans that you guys would be interested in seeing some preliminary pictures from the set.

Surprise! Depp Joins Burton in Wonderland!

Oh, like we didn't all guess this was going to happen the moment Tim Burton's name was thrown into the mix.

Matt Lucas is Burton's Tweedledum!

I may not be the biggest fan of Tim Burton, but the thought of his style used to populate Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland does tickle my interest. Regardless of my opinion of the filmmaker, the news that came down today about Alice in Wonderland's recent cast made this a must see.

Burton Finds His Alice

Tim Burton’s search for a girl to put through the looking glass has finally come to an end.