Meeting Evil

Exclusive Clip Sets up a Time for Meeting Evil

Alrighty, kids, it's time to add a little psycho to your life with this latest clip from Meeting Evil (review here). Check it out right here to see if it's enough to get you to attend or call in sick! Dig it!

Exclusive Interview: Chris Fisher Talks Meeting Evil and More

In writer/director Chris Fisher's feature film Meeting Evil, we see what happens when an average guy named John (Luke Wilson) meets a deadly stranger named Ritchie (Samuel L. Jackson) who unleashes chaos and madness into John's world after one act of kindness goes awry.

Meeting Evil (2012)

Starring Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Bibb Directed by Chris Fisher

Cast Lining Up for Good Old Fashioned Round of Meeting Evil

A decent amount of talent has signed on for Chris Fisher's (S. Darko) adaptation of Thomas Berger's 1992 novel Meeting Evil, and we've got the info on who it is!