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#SDCC14: Todd McFarlane Talks The Walking Dead Construction Line; New Images; Spawn Update!

With SDCC 2014 bearing down on us, Todd McFarlane took some time out from preparing for the big event to answer our geekiest questions and give a teaser of a new line we'll be seeing on the show floor.

McFarlane Shows Off More of The Walking Dead

Fan of both The Walking Dead comic series as well as the AMC TV series "The Walking Dead"? Then you, oh purveyor of everything that shambles and eats the living, are about to be one happy camper. Lock and load for some new eye candy from Toy Fair.

McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead Series 5 Figures Now Available for Pre-Order

Series 5 of McFarlane Toys' awesome line of collectibles from "The Walking Dead" isn't coming until 2014, but we have a look at the set right here along with pre-order info.

McFarlane Brings Forth the Comic Version of The Walking Dead's Governor

Anyone familiar with the comic version of The Walking Dead can attest to one thing... the Governor in the comics is the walking personification of crazed, unbridled evil. McFarlane Toys has tapped into that for their latest figure two-pack.

Toy Fair 2013: McFarlane's Walking Dead - The Governor, Michonne, Merle, Carl, and More!

Nomad just checked in with a boatload of new images from McFarlane's upcoming collectibles based upon The Walking Dead comics and AMC's "The Walking Dead" TV show. Read on for an eyeful of rotting goodness!

McFarlane Toys Reveals its New The Walking Dead Statue Featuring Michonne

McFarlane Toys’ Collectors Club continues to bring fans the most exciting statues ever created, and their next resin statue is a true collector’s dream. Check out Michonne from The Walking Dead comics!

UK Toy Fair 2013: McFarlane's Walking Dead Series 3 Images Shamble Forth

Ready for a quick look at the next figures in the McFarlane Toys line of figures based upon "The Walking Dead?" Well it's coming your way regardless of what you're ready for. Nomad has just checked in with the goods.

First Details on McFarlane's The Walking Dead Figures Series 3; Pre-orders Now Available

They won't be available until spring of next year, but McFarlane Toys has unveiled Series 3 of its figures line for "The Walking Dead" TV series, and they're already available for pre-order. Check out Michonne and her two Pet Zombies, Merle Dixon, and the Autopsy Zombie.

Get Another Look at McFarlane's Next Walking Dead Figures

A new look at Series Two of McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead line is here, and even at just 5" tall, these things are packing a wallop. Note to self: Need the Well Zombie and crazy bald Shane, like yesterday.

McFarlane's Walking Dead Figures - Find out Who'll Be Included in Series Two

Although we're a little disappointed that the figures are only 5" tall, we're all in agreement that McFarlane's Walking Dead figures are incredibly cool and detailed. So... what can you expect from Series Two? Read on!

Toy Fair 2012: McFarlane Shambles in With The Walking Dead!

Okay, fans of "The Walking Dead"... Here's the horror collectibles moment you've been waiting for! A look at what new walkers are coming our way and more. Prepare to drool!

Toy Fair 2012: McFarlane Gives Head to The Walking Dead!

We've seen some extremely cool packaging for DVD and/or Blu-ray releases over the years, but we have to say that the case designed by McFarlane Toys for "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Special Edition Blu-ray pretty much takes the cake.

The Walking Dead: Info on Spread the Dead Facebook App and Bloody Rick Grimes Figure (McFarlane Toys 2011 NYCC Exclusive)

A couple of stories regarding AMC's "The Walking Dead" crossed our desk this morning. First up is the series' Spread the Dead Avatar Generator on Facebook, which gives you the chance to see what you'd look like as a zombie or a survivor. Next is a peek at "The Walking Dead Comic Officer Rick Grimes - Bloody Version" figure McFarlane Toys will be selling exclusively this weekend at the New York Comic Con.

Great Look at Series 1 of McFarlane's Walking Dead Figures

Ready for a good look at McFarlane's The Walking Dead Series 1 figures that will be blasting their way to store shelves this November? Yeah, we thought you would be. There's just nothing like playing with the dead! Series 1 includes: Deputy Rick Grimes - with revolver, shotgun, walkie talkie, baseball bat, and hand grenade accessories

Two More Action Figures Coming from The Walking Dead

This has been quite the week for info on The Walking Dead line of action figures coming our way from McFarlane Toys, and today we learned of two brand new entries, including one particular fan-favorite character from the TV series you won't find in the comics. MTV got the skinny straight from McFarlane about the new line, which arrives on shelves this November: