Matt Serafini

Matt Serafini's Under The Blade Brings Slasher Mayhem to the Literary World

The slasher subgenre may be on theatrical sabbatical, but that's not stopping author Matt Serafini (Feral) from keeping masked madmen alive and dangerous. Horror fans looking for a little stalk and slash this summer will want to get their hands on Under the Blade, which is out now!

Matt Serafini Goes Under the Blade

Nothing pleases us more than to see part of the Dread Central family excel within the genre. Case in point: Matt Serafini (Feral), who's getting set to release his second novel, entitled Under the Blade. Read on for details.

Enter This All-Night Terror Contest to Win a Bundle of Horror

A few weeks back we told you about a cool new short story collection from authors Adam Cesare and Matt Serafini. If you haven't checked out All-Night Terror yet, this is your chance to do so while netting some really cool prizes along the way.

Adam Cesare and Matt Serafini Collaborate to Create All-Night Terror

Adam Cesare and Matt Serafini have been making names for themselves on the genre's literary front for a while now. Cesare has become a DC favorite, and we're awaiting Serafini's forthcoming second novel. In the meantime they've released a bitchin' collection of awesome short stories.

CONTEST CLOSED! A Feral Contest to Drive You Wild!

Dread readers probably know that my debut novel, Feral, has been available for a few months now. Response to my furry sex-and-death soirée has been better than imagined, but I'm always trying to get the word out. Today that means it's time for a giveaway, so come on in and enter to win!

It's Blood, Sex and Werewolves as Feral Hits Paperback

Last week we told you that our own MattFini (Masked Slasher) has written a grisly tale of werewolf horror. His debut novel, Feral, made the eBook bow, and today we're happy to report that paperback versions are available for all you old school readers out there.

Matt Serafini Releases Feral

If there's anything that makes us proud here at Dread Central, it's when one of our own makes the jump and expands their presence within the genre. That's right, kids, our own Masked Slasher, Matt Fini, has a new tale of terror to spin for you. Read on for details.