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Creature Profile of Grimm's El Cucuy; Preview of Episode 3.06 - Stories We Tell Our Young

It's not every day the boogeyman visits Portland, so it's only fitting that NBC released a special creature profile for last night's Wesen of the Week, "El Cucuy." Watch it here along with a preview of Episode 3.06, "Stories We Tell Our Young."

The Boogeyman Visits Grimm in this Preview of Episode 3.05 - El Cucuy

Now that they've put the cart before the horse and given us two sneak peeks of this week's "Grimm" Episode 3.05, NBC has finally released a preview trailer for the ep, entitled "El Cucuy." Enjoy your last meal today before the boogeyman gets you Friday night!

Get a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 3.05 - El Cucuy

We're still waiting for an official preview of "Grimm" Episode 3.05, "El Cucuy," but in the meantime, to go along with the artist rendering of the beast of the week we showed you earlier today, we now have two clips from the ep to share.

Get an Early Look at the Artist's Rendering of El Cucuy from Grimm Episode 3.05

NBC still hasn't released a preview video yet for the upcoming Episode 3.05 of "Grimm," entitled "El Cucuy," but we have the next best thing: an artist's rendering of the titular creature.

A Fresh Batch of Images from Grimm Episode 3.05 - El Cucuy

"Grimm" has a week off so NBC can air its "JFK 50th Anniversary Special" on November 22nd, but it'll be back on the 29th with Episode 3.05, "El Cucuy," in which a vigilante stalks Portland. Check out a batch of stills and look for a preview soon.