Good Neighbors Visiting Blu-ray and DVD in September

Jacob Tierney's thriller Good Neighbors is on its way to home video, and the early word on what you can expect is finally here! Dig it!

New Red Band Clip from The Last Circus Shoots Up Your Afternoon

It's Friday. We're all looking for the clocks to wind down so we can be relieved from the ridiculousness of our everyday routines. What better way to get through the afternoon than with a little red band violence?

Theatrical One-Sheet Debut - The Last Circus

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up and get ready for your first look at the latest one-sheet for Magnet's The Last Circus (Balada Triste de Trompeta)! Popcorn, cotton candy, and throwing knives not included.

Exclusive: Writer/Director Nick Tomnay Talks The Perfect Host

For his directorial debut Nick Tomnay has done something remarkable: He manages to breathe new life into the dark comedy thriller subgenre of cinema with his efforts in the upcoming film The Perfect Host, which stars David Hyde Pierce as Warwick Wilson, the demented sociopath who loves nothing more in life but to host the perfect dinner party.

Exclusive: David Hyde Pierce Talks The Perfect Host

In writer/director Nick Tomnay’s feature film debut The Perfect Host, actor David Hyde Pierce portrays Warwick Wilson, a consummate perfectionist who’s preparing for a lavish dinner party that ends up being crashed by a wounded bank robber (Clayne Crawford) on the run.

Fear Thy Neighbor in First Good Neighbors Clip

The first clip from Jacob Tierney's thriller Good Neighbors has made its way online, and we have every single pixel of it right here awaiting your perusal! Dig it! The movie stars Jay Baruchel, Scott Speedman and Emily Hampshire in the tale of three residents of a small apartment building who are threatened by a serial killer.

Perfect Host, The (2011)

Starring David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker, Megahn Perry, Helen Reddy Directed by Nick Tomnay

Red Band Trailer Debut: Magnet's The Last Circus

You want madness, lunacy, and crazed machete wielding clowns, all laced together by a bandolier of hot lead that's just waiting to be shot into the bodies of anyone who gets in their way? Then look no further than the red band trailer debut of Magnet's The Last Circus (Balada Triste de Trompeta)!

The Perfect Host Now Available On Demand from Magnolia

There's a fine line between thrillers and pure horror projects, but when a film sounds like as much fun as The Perfect Host debuting this month from Magnolia Pictures, we're willing to cross it just to make sure our readers are aware of all their options.

Good Neighbors Go Bad in Trailer Debut

Jacob Tierney's thriller Good Neighbors scored itself a home at Magnolia at this year's Sundance, and finally word has come as to when and where you'll be able to see the flick for yourself! Read on for the details! The movie stars Jay Baruchel, Scott Speedman and Emily Hampshire in the tale of three residents of a small apartment building who are threatened by a serial killer.

Jack & Diane Find a Home at Magnolia

Good news for fans of lesbian werewolves or just anyone who wants to see Kylie Minogue kiss a girl (we're looking at YOU, Masked Slasher). Jack & Diane has nailed itself some distribution. Read on for the details.

Magnet Attracts The Last Circus (Balada Triste de Trompeta)

Have you seen The Day of the Beast? The incredible film by director Álex de la Iglesia, who also helmed the recent The Oxford Murders? No? Well, that could be because we're still waiting for a proper release of it here in the States. Oh well, at least his latest movie is on its way!

Chawz Attacks Blu-ray and DVD

What more could you want than to see a film about a giant killer pig rampaging on your home theatre setup in glorious 1080p? It just seems so right, doesn't it? On April 26th from Magnolia Home Entertainment, that's exactly what you're going to get! Described as "Jaws with a wild boar" look for Jeong-won Shin's Chawz in stores on that date. Synopsis

Magnolia Attracts Good Neighbours

One of the better offerings that we took in at this year's AFM was a psycho little flick called Good Neighbours. We knew it wasn't going to be long before it scored distro, and lo and behold it has!

Exclusive Survival of the Dead Commentary Track with Uncle Creepy and George A. Romero Now Available on BD Live!

For those not playing along, our own Uncle Creepy has done several commentary tracks for movies, but for whatever reason his work has often been shelved. He refers to this as the Creepy Commentary Curse™, but right now, at least for BD Live users who bought Survival of the Dead on Blu-Ray, the curse has been broken!