Stills From The Mutant Chronicles

The good folks at Magnet just sent us over a bunch of stills from their upcoming flick, The Mutant Chronicles (review here), and of course we're happy to share!

Magnet Sets Plans for Shuttle Release

I’ll be honest, we’ve not heard a whole helluva lot about Edward Anderson’s Shuttle round these parts, save for the occasional news story here and there we’ve done on it, but apparently it’s gotten some good reviews via its festival screenings over the last year or so.

Timecrimes DVD Specs

Magnet has finally gotten around to releasing the DVD specs for Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes, the Spanish semi-horror hit that’s been winning awards at almost every festival it's shown up at over the last year. In case you’ve been ignoring any and all info about the film, it follows a normal, everyday man whose curiosity about a topless sunbather leads him to a masked stranger in a trench coat, time travel, and, ultimately, murder.

Trailer for Mutant Chronicles

IGN.com scored themselves an age restricted trailer for the upcoming mutant mash The Mutant Chronicles (review here) and as long as you're of age and don't mind a little mayhem, I suggest you check it out. We don't want to corrupt today's youth or anything like that, ya know?

See Splinter on the Big Screen in Cleveland

For a limited run this weekend, horror fans in Ohio will get one more shot at seeing Toby Wilkins' monster opus Splinter up on the silver screen! If you happen to be in the Cleveland area, this may be something too good for you to pass up!

Exclusive Clip From Donkey Punch!

Though it’s hard to take a movie called Donkey Punch too seriously, all the reports I’ve heard about it, including our own review, confirm that it’s anything but goofy, despite the title. This clip goes a helluva long way to proving that!

Limited Theatrical Run & VOD for Mutant Chronicles

Hungry for some mutant killing action? Honestly, who isn't? Why back in my day any critter with more than two eyes would find themselves on the business end of a shotgun. Things just haven't been the same since the bomb dropped ... what? Oh yeah, sorry.

Eden Log Trailer Surfaces

Magnet Releasing will be getting the French thriller Eden Log in theaters sometime next year through the Six Shooter Film series, and to show off what we’re in for IGN got their hands on the first trailer for the film, which you can now check out below.

Timecrimes & Let the Right One In Hit DVD

Two of this year's best films are set to hit DVD next year, and we've got a look at the artwork and the official date for each! Get to pre-ordering! These are two flicks you don't wanna miss!

Timecrimes Poster Winner Announced!

Here at Dread Central we make a habit out of giving away cool stuff. Next up on our list of things we give out because we love you -- a signed poster for Timecrimes (review here)! In celebration of the film's limited theatrical release on Friday, December 12th, Dread Central, in association with Magnet and Six Shooter Films, is giving away 1 (one) poster for Timecrimes signed by director Nacho Vigalondo.

Date & Specs for Splinter DVD

Toby Wilkins' Splinter is an original horror movie with no big name stars and has garnered positive reviews, so, naturally, it only gets a very small limited release. Like many of you, I'm dying to see Splinter but it isn't playing anywhere near me and odds are it probably never will. Take heart, folks, it looks like we won't have to wait too long for a DVD release.

See Toby Wilkins' Splinter in Theatres Now!

Splinter is in theatres now, have you seen it? Toby Wilkins wants you to see his monster movie and so do we!

Dates & Locations for Let the Right One In Release

Magnolia will finally roll out Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In under their genre arm Magnet’s Six Shooter film series starting next Friday, October 24th, and finally we can tell you where you’ll need to go to see it!

Fifth Splinter Podcast is Live!

To help keep you guys excited to check out Toby Wilkins’ Splinter, which Magnet is releasing in a limited capacity on Halloween, we just got word the fifth Splinter podcast is now available to please you occularly!

Get Ready to Rock and Shock in Three Days!

Just a quick reminder that this weekend, October 10-12, Rock & Shock hits Worcester, Mass once more!