Mutant Chronicles DVD Art / Date

The much talked about Ron Perlman and Thomas Jane sci-fi/horror vehicle The Mutant Chronicles (review here) is finally making its way to home video, and we have the skinny for you M-lovers out there!

Strangest. Clip. Ever. Big Man Japan

We've seen a lot of stuff over the years. Some bad. Some good. And the rest? They just defy rational explanation. This, my friends, is one of the really strange times when we're at a loss for words. One look at this clip for Big Man Japan (review here), and I think you will be too.

Splinter (DVD / Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Paulo Costanzo, Shea Whigham, Jill Wagner, Rachel Kerbs Directed by Toby Wilkins Distributed by Magnolia Home Entertainment

Five Minutes of The Mutant Chronicles

Looking for some mutant action? No, not your typical Friday night in New York's East Village; we're talking about the new Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman flick The Mutant Chronicles (review)! The first five minutes of the flick are now available on line, and that means it's time for you to take a gander!

Magnet to Let the RIGHT Subs In

Who says horror fans can't get stuff done?

Shuttle (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Tony Curran, Cullen Douglas, Peyton List, Cameron Goodman Directed by Edward Anderson Distributed by Magnolia Home Entertainment

Surveillance Release Date and Trailer

Quick update on director Jennifer Lynch's latest on-the-trail-of-a-psycho thriller, Surveillance. The film which finds Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond hot on the heels of a murderer will be available on HDNet Ultra VOD starting May 29, 2009 and in limited theatrical release on June 26, 2009.

Take a Shuttle to Terror

Edward Anderson’s Shuttle will begin its limited theatrical run very soon and we've got the dates and venues for you to step up and take the ride!

Stills From The Mutant Chronicles

The good folks at Magnet just sent us over a bunch of stills from their upcoming flick, The Mutant Chronicles (review here), and of course we're happy to share!

Magnet Sets Plans for Shuttle Release

I’ll be honest, we’ve not heard a whole helluva lot about Edward Anderson’s Shuttle round these parts, save for the occasional news story here and there we’ve done on it, but apparently it’s gotten some good reviews via its festival screenings over the last year or so.

Timecrimes DVD Specs

Magnet has finally gotten around to releasing the DVD specs for Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes, the Spanish semi-horror hit that’s been winning awards at almost every festival it's shown up at over the last year. In case you’ve been ignoring any and all info about the film, it follows a normal, everyday man whose curiosity about a topless sunbather leads him to a masked stranger in a trench coat, time travel, and, ultimately, murder.

Trailer for Mutant Chronicles

IGN.com scored themselves an age restricted trailer for the upcoming mutant mash The Mutant Chronicles (review here) and as long as you're of age and don't mind a little mayhem, I suggest you check it out. We don't want to corrupt today's youth or anything like that, ya know?

See Splinter on the Big Screen in Cleveland

For a limited run this weekend, horror fans in Ohio will get one more shot at seeing Toby Wilkins' monster opus Splinter up on the silver screen! If you happen to be in the Cleveland area, this may be something too good for you to pass up!

Exclusive Clip From Donkey Punch!

Though it’s hard to take a movie called Donkey Punch too seriously, all the reports I’ve heard about it, including our own review, confirm that it’s anything but goofy, despite the title. This clip goes a helluva long way to proving that!

Limited Theatrical Run & VOD for Mutant Chronicles

Hungry for some mutant killing action? Honestly, who isn't? Why back in my day any critter with more than two eyes would find themselves on the business end of a shotgun. Things just haven't been the same since the bomb dropped ... what? Oh yeah, sorry.