Long Road Ahead

Telltale Games - Bloody New Trailers Release For The Walking Dead

Telltale Games has released a couple of new videos for The Walking Dead video game series. Fans can check out the new accolades trailer as well as a just released PAX Prime video. Read on to learn more.

Telltale Games Announces Plans For PAX Prime 2012

Telltale Games has announced their PAX Prime plans where fans can get free t-shirts, grub and much more. Read on to learn what you can get your hands on at The Walking Dead booth and what's in store at the Playing Dead panel!

The Walking Dead: Episode Three Now Available For PS3; Hitting Xbox 360, Mac and PC August 29th!

The Walking Dead: Episode Three – Long Road Ahead is now available on PlayStation Network with the XBLA, PC and Mac versions releasing soon. If you are ready to jump back into the zombie apocalypse, then wait no longer!